Passion And Power episode 17 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 20th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 17 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 20th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Julia and Arturo expressed their love to each other and just about to kiss but unfortunately Gabriela arrives to alert Julia that Franco just arrived and wants to talk to her so Arturo had no choice than to leave but before he asks Julia to let him know if ever she needs any help. Franco then arrives only to tell her that Eladio sent him over to ask her if she needs anything but Julia asks him to tell Eladio she needs nothing because all she sees is that he is only doing that to spy on her but Franco think Eladio is only being thoughtful. After Franco left, Gabby asks her aunt if Arturo is ready to undergo the DNA test and Julia tells him she wasn’t able to tell him because their meeting just bring back memories of their love.
Regina tells Arturo about the distribution of the wedding invitation and quickly he confronts his wife as to why she failed to cancel Regina’s wedding when their daughter actually has declared she isn’t going to push through with the wedding but because she selfish and care less about her own family he allowed that imbecile Joshua to distribute the wedding cards and Daniela pretends no to know anything about it but Regina thinks she guess she could be behind that idea.
Immediately, Joshua arrives to meet Regina destroying the entire gifts from friends and wonder why she is destroying them, so she confronts him as to why he distributed the invitation cards and he reveals that it was Daniela’s idea but Regina thinks he is poor excuse for man and therefore should figure out how he is going to figure out how he is going to tell those he invited that the wedding is cancelled and Joshua asks her to also think about what people will say but that means nothing to Regina and quickly she calls the event planners to cancel the wedding. She confronts Daniela about Joshua’s spilling out the truth and Daniela says she only suggested something him but if he did it that is her back case.
Arturo discloses to Augustin about meeting with Julia and how she revealed to him how she still love him and even going as far as telling him about all the harm Eladio has caused her but he swears by the love he also has for Julia that he is truly going to make Eladio pay for hurting the woman she love.
Some men approach Erick and they strike a deal with him that which come with a great sum of money if he Is going to help them with some confidential information from his father’s company so that his father loses the tender for the road and Erick thinks he doesn’t want his father to find out that he helped them with the information and those men assured him to trust them because that construction means a lot to them and he asks them to give him time to think about it. Montserrat encourages Erick to hurry up with the information since it comes with a huge amount if not the deal might fall through and Erick agrees to do things fast so he will get more money to make her the queen she has always love to be.
Regina meets with David to clear things with him about who actually distributed the wedding invitation and how Daniela helped Joshua with that idea and therefore she is not getting married and David find it difficult to believe.
Nina thinks Daniela should have consulted her first before asking Joshua to distribute the invitation cards because if she had done that, they would have planned things better and not being caught and this has actually affected her very much since Arturo treats her indifferently but she will definitely find out what is going on with his husband for his continuous rejection of her.
Consuelo still insists that Miguel helps him investigate Erick if he is cheating on her or not and Miguel thinks it’s of no use but Consuelo says, with that she will help her mind get rid of the doubt she has about her husband.
Julia tells Eladio he wants a divorce since she can’t continue being humiliated by him but Eladio tells her that he is never going to give her any divorce and also she and her poor father will be nothing without him and if ever he finds out that he she has a someone aside him, he is going to kill her.
David sits with Regina at the restaurant discussing about business and suddenly Gabby and Franco arrive and upon David spotting them from the entrance, he hides under the table for a while until the two left before coming out and Regina wonders what he went down for and asks if it was because of been seen by his cousin or Franco and David pretends not to have any idea about what Regina is saying but she tells him he can’t fool her and this is the reason why she always say it will be impossible for them to be together.
Joshua confronts Regina as to why she has to cancel the wedding to make him look like a fool in front of everyone and because of that his parents are sending him from Mexico but he is pleading that she comes back to him but Regina shuns him.
Julia assures Eladio that he will never touch her again and if he prefers going to have fun with his lover, he can go to her since she has no problem with that.

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