Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 20th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 20th July 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:19 am

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Fernanda involves in a conversation with her father but she could actually read through the lines that her father looks very sad inwardly so tells him that she truly knows what she can do to make him happy. Quickly, she goes to get her violin and played it for him and truly, she got his father in a good mood.
After she asks her father to tell her if they are planning on divorcing and he looks so nervous and wouldn’t tell anything to her but Fernanda says she isn’t a child anymore and deserves to know things between them but Pedro prefers to keep it to himself.
Isabella calls Carlos to come over to her house so they could spend the night but he would rather go to the hospital to work than to be with her. Isabella then says she is never going to let him dump her like that, so she goes over to the hospital not caring about what people would say to set up a dinner table lighting up candles around it to wait for Carlos and seriously she tried everything possible to lure Carlos but all was in vein and he continues to tell her he isn’t in love with her but Isabella refuses to accept.
Marissa and Luis decide to go but Hernan and Mariana insists that they stay but Marissa assures them that there will definitely be a next time so they shouldn’t worry. After they left, Don Fernando questions husband and wife that they have no dignity at all because he can’t believe that they came so low to kissing those couples feet. They then wonder why Fernando states that.
Mariana confronts Blanca as to why she has to go to that extent to disgrace her in front the guests and Blanca wonders why she can defend a scandal like Luis after ruining her sister’s life but Mariana thinks that is the last draw because she is firing Blanca right that minute.
Amelia arrives home to confront Pedro as to why he has to go see his sister to tell her about their divorce and even as far as telling her that they do not even share a bed with that big mouth of his and Pedro thinks he needed someone to talk to since he felt so depressed but she says he only spoke to his sister to see if she can convince her but she thanks her stars that no one can convince her since her mind is made up and whether Pedro likes it or not she is getting the divorce.
Blanca is now ready to leave since Mariana has fired her but she prefers to tell Don Fernando the truth and she starts disclosing many things about how Mariana has been in love with that Luis and even Amelia suffering at the hands of that same Luis but Mariana will never allow her to continue explaining it in detail and upon Don Fernando hearing this, he collapses and they call Carlos and he goes over to treat him.
Don Fernando gains consciousness and asks Blanca about what she was saying about Amelia but again Mariana never allowed her to speak and requests that she leaves but Don Fernanda commands Mariana rather to apologize to Blanca for being ungrateful when she has been their nanny till date and Mariana had no choice than to apologize.
The court sit for the second hearing of the accident caused by Luis and the court again rule in favour of Fernanda that Luis pay her the damage the court will order him and therefore should accept that he has lost the case. Luis then threaten Felipe and Fernanda that the verdict will not stand and he is assuring them that he will unmasked her that she is a thief and a swindler.
Luis confronts Carlos at the hospital to congratulate him for helping that swindler and that immature lawyer to win the case all due to that report he gave them which is going to allow him to pay huge sum of money and Carlos says to him that he is actually happy that they have won these case and as for the money he is not to get worried because it will not come from his pocket but rather his mother’s and it is no crime to steal from a thief. He then asks him to leave his office and as he comes out he bumps into Fernanda and Felipe and he confronts her ones again that he will make sure to ruin her life. He enters his car and intentionally wanted to run over Fernanda but Felipe drew her attention and she jumped aside and he says by so doing she and her lawyer will get good prove against him since the first one never happened so.
Camilla still insists that Carlos is her boyfriend but Fernanda tries to make her see reason that Carlos is in love with someone else and should also remember she also said she loves Carlos and Camilla states that if she has to fight with her to get Carlos then so be it but she concludes that Fernanda can’t be Carlos’ girlfriend and therefore would have to meet that rival of hers to fight and gain Carlos to herself.

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