Passion And Power episode 18 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 21st July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 18 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 21st July 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:45 pm

Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Julia assures Eladio that he will never touch her again and if he prefers going to have fun with his many concubines, he can go to them since she has no problem with that but Eladio warn her not to mention Montserrat’s name again Because it’s over but Julia thinks it is not. But he asks her to think things over and forget about the divorce so they can have a good family. Right from there, Eladio calls his bodyguard to order him again to go with Julia wherever she goes and monitor her movement too.
Arturo calls the suppliers of Construction Company not to supply any more materials to Eladio because he is willing to give them twice the amount Eladio pays them as his suppliers and the suppliers agreed. In that same vein, Eladio calls them to supply him with material and he’s been told that, they are no longer doing business with him anymore and this makes him go mad and after Franco made some investigations, he determines it was bought but the Montenegro company but David this time around asks his father to count on him because he is also going to help him conquer the Montenegros since they can’t continue to tarnish their image and it comes as a surprise to Julia that now Eladio and David seems to be on good terms on the other hand, Franco gets disappointed after Eladio told him that David is now going to work in the company.
Augustin questions Arturo if it has crossed his mind that, Julia only accepted to marry Eladio only to take revenge on him for not marrying her and Arturo thinks it’s never true and even if that was so, it doesn’t give Eladio the power to maltreat Julia and that is why he will continue to sink Eladio for maltreating Julia.
Consuelo discloses to Miguel that she feels she may be pregnant but she has to do some text to know that and upon the look on Miguel’s face one could see how nervous he looked after hearing that but he encouraged Consuelo to do the text to know the truth.
Francisco takes the papers/documents to Maribel and family which will enable them to take the trip to Acapulco and Maribel and Clara looks so happy. He then proposes to Maribel to see the second opinion of another doctor but she says she has no money to do that but to her outmost surprise, this doctor he has recommended is actually Francisco’s dad and he’s agreed to be Maribel’s doctor and Maribel gives him unceasing thanks. Gisela arrives after they left and feeling so angry over that proposal states that Maribel doesn’t deserve that luck at all.
David sees Regina at the restaurant and he decides to have a talk with her but she tries running away since the media were present to interview her on the wedding but David still goes after her not having any idea about the presence of the media and luckily for them, they both slip at the Restaurant and with David on top of Regina making it look like they were about kissing and quickly the media capture them with their cameras. David helps her up and as they hurry out of the place to escape the media, the asks them when they are going to announce their relationship and they tell them there is nothing on between them and quickly they leave to different destination to agree that they have to stop meeting in public place if not the media might misinterpret things. So they come to a consensus that they meet at Francisco’s house to discuss business matters.
Erick agrees to the deal of those guys and agreed to out the confidential information to them after they show him a fake deposit of 25million in his account and promised to add the rest after the information is giving out.
Arturo and Nina takes Daniela to see the rehabilitation doctor and she asks her why she is addicted to drinking and she says it is due to emotional problems and this from home since her parents are not helping things in the house but always fighting each minute and Arturo thinks she is making something up but all the same he is going to see to it that there will be peace in the house to put her daughter at ease from taking in alcohol.
One of this guys, goes to report to Eladio that Erick actually fell for the deal and Eladio says he knew actually that Erick was going to fall for it because he is an idiot and nothing will please him much to tell Arturo that he was actually betrayed by his own son.

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