Simply Maria what happened on UTV on Friday 22nd July 2016

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Simply Maria what happened on UTV on Friday 22nd July 2016

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2016 3:56 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA,

Alejandro dreams and he discovers that Maria is actually suffering to fend for both her and the baby and has even gotten to the point of being a beggar on the street and he awake with great fright and nervousness.

Georgina Tells Alejandro That She Knows That Something Is Happening To Him Because He Has Become Another Person That If It Is About A Woman He Should Look For Her and not.

Vanessa Tells Karina That She Has A Plan That Cannot Fail. Feli Tells Cristobal That She Knows That He Paid The Lab Tests Of Maria, That He Should Not Build Hopes With Maria.

Georgina Tells Adolfo That He Must Be More Understanding With Alejandro That Is Going Through A Bad Moment. Adolfo Tells Her That They Already Argued And He Made Clear To Him That He Should Devote To His Studies Only.

Karina Tells Estela That Vanessa Has A Plan So That She Conquers Alejandro. Estela Tells Her That Vanessa Will Only Use Her For Her Own Benefit, That She Must Remember That She Already Proved That She Is A Bad Friend.

Fausto Is Shocked When Yolanda Tells Him She Knows He Is Gay But That She Considers Him Her Friend.

Alejandro Looks For Maria And Tells Her He Wants To Give His Son His Name But Maria Tells Him She Doesn’t Want Anything From Him.

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