Simply Maria what happened on UTV on Saturday 23rd July 2016

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Simply Maria what happened on UTV on Saturday 23rd July 2016

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2016 3:57 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,

Cristobal Tells Pina That One Of The Father Of His Pupils Will Help Maria When She Gives Birth But That They Need A Place and that what he is going to look for.

Marcela Tells Maria That Her Baby Should Be Born In A Hospital so the baby can be strong and be taking care of professionally and she agrees.

Vanessa Tells Karina That Alejandro Is Going to Help Her Organize the Ball of the Trust and that’s The Opportunity to Conquer Him.

Cristobal Tells Maria That He Already Has the Place Where Her Baby Is Going to Be Born and she looks so happy.

Marco Tells Alejandro That It Is Obvious That Maria Doesn’t Want Him near Her, So That It Is the Moment to go on with His Life since he can’t continue to beg and Marco thinks its good idea.

Maria Tells Cristobal That She appreciates him Very Much for What He Does for Her and That She Will Never Be Able to Pay Him Back and he tells him not to mention since he doesn’t want to see her suffer.

Adolfo Tells Alejandro That He Shouldn’t Have Told His Mother Anything About Maria And That He Will Never Own That Boy As His Grandson and this comes to Alejandro as a big blow.

Yolanda Gets Angry Because She Invites Cristobal To The Movies And He Refuses To Go Saying That He Has Many Things To Do. She Tells Him she is Upset That He Always Rejects Her but He Always Help Maria. Cristobal Tells Her That He Doesn’t Want To Be Rude But That He Doesn’t Owe Her An Explanation Because They Are Friends Only and nothing else.

Yolanda thinking Maria wants to lure Cristobal to love her, she goes to Tells Maria That She and Cristobal Have a Relationship. Maria Tells Her That She Is Happy To Know That Because Cristobal Deserves A Woman As Pretty And Good As She Is and from the look of things Yolanda felt ashamed for going there and so she has no choice than to tell Maria that she only came there also to offer her help and so ihf in case she needs something, maria should let her know. Maria then thanked her very much for coming over to visit.

Marcela Tells Maria That She Looks Tired That She Should Go To Rest and Maria Starts Feeling Labor Pains.

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