Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 24th July 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 24th July 2016

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:46 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,
Maria Starts Having Labor Pains And Mrs. Marcela Sends Her In A Taxi To The Hospital.

Cristobal feels so Heartbroken and she Tells His Mother That He Doesn’t Know How To Help Maria More but Feli Tells Him That He Already Did What He Had To Do and That Maria Is Very Hurt Because Alejandro Was The First Man In Her Life who truly disappointed her so he should calm down for maria to see if she can try falling in love for another man. Cristobal then Tells Her That Pina Said Alejandro Went To Look For Maria But She Told Him She Didn’t Want To See Him Again And Even Threatened To Hit Him With A Stone. Feli then reveals to Him That a Great Love Is behind Her Anger.

Maria Gives Birth to A bouncy baby Boy and The Nun Tells Her That Her Baby Is Very Big and Healthy and Maria look so happy and she tells her son that she is going to give her all to look after him and also protect him.

Karina and Alejandro Kiss and he try to lure her into making love to her but she refuses and says she doesn’t want to be the woman to let him forget Maria and Alejandro Asks Karina What His Sister Told Her. She then felt nervous and has to Tell Him the truth That She Is Not Going To Use Her To Forget Maria; Alejandro Tells Her He Is Not Prepared Yet To Value Her As Woman. Karina Proposes Him to Hang Out with her and get To Know Each Other better And She Is Sure He Will Fall in Love with Her. Alejandro Tells Her They Will hangs out but without Any Engagement and Karina accepts.

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