Passion And Power episode 20 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 26 th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 20 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 26 th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Through Augustin, Arturo gets the information that Eladio was the one who won the great business deal and so he asks Erick to get all the people under him who were involve in the proposal because he is going to interrogate them and never going to rest until he finds the culprit and will make the person regret ever betraying him and Erick seems to be in hot soup.
David tells Regina that they shouldn’t allow those people to blackmail them with that picture and Regina thinks of course but the fact is, they shouldn’t have met in life at all because it may seem appealing in the eyes of David that destiny might have brought them together but the fact is that, destiny also sometimes mislead people to the right part. After Regina left, Francisco advised David to fight for the love of Regina and forget about their family grudge since they are the ones in love and not their parents.
At the dinning, Nina shows Arturo the picture of David and Regina almost about kissing at the restaurant and he questions her how come she is with the son of Gomez Luna and Regina grows speechless. Arturo takes Regina inside his study and after giving her the opportunity to explain things to him; he thinks it will better to help her cancel the working contract she has with David at Queretaro so he wouldn’t see David ever again.
In that same vein, Franco also goes to show this same picture to Eladio and he also grow mad with David but after David explained things that they are just corporate workers, and Eladio sees it as a great opportunity to derive information from Regina about the Montenegros to ruin them for life and with that, he would know that David isn’t a traitor but on his side.
Erick sees this same picture on the internet and concluded that he can actually use that against Regina and upon arriving home, he tells his family that Regina will be the one who gave the confidential information to the Gomez Lunas since she was involve with his son David but Arturo says Regina has no hands in that and therefore Erick should forget that.
David and Regina meets at Queretaro and after speaking together it seems they all went there for the same course which to resign their project so not to cause any problem again to them or their family on the other hand they decide to carry on with work but in professional way without having to interfere it with any sort of relationship affair after the project coordinators arrive to speak with them not to resign since they are great professionals.
Consuelo discloses to Erick about her pregnancy but he grows so furious thinking it’s not the right time for her to get pregnant and Consuelo wonders why Erick is reacting in that manner and she grows so worried and Miguel arrives and after Consuelo told him about the reaction of Erick Towards the pregnancy, he tells her that, Erick doesn’t deserve her affection anymore because he investigated and saw that he is still seeing Montserrat and immediately, Consuelo grows shocked and gets a miscarriage and Erick carries her away to her room.
Montserrat breaks up with Erick after he told her that he has no money in his account since Eladio only fooled him and deposited 50pesos in his account meaning that she can’t stay with someone who has no money for his life least to think about taking care of a woman.
Julia sits at the foundation reading old letters of Arturo and unfortunately, Eladio enters and feeling so nervous wanted to fold the letter but Eladio was smart enough to take it from her and after reading it, he discovers it’s from Arturo and he grows mad at Julia for lying to him that she’s stopped seeing Arturo when it is not true and this letter proves it all.

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