Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 26th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 26th July 2016

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Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Marissa calls front desk to ask for her husband’s number so since Lupe was busy Amelia has to do the call and he asks Lupe who the name of their boss’ husband so she can look for it in the book and call him and to her surprise the name turns out to be Luis Montero and it just fell on her like cold water and recollects the past about Luis’ wedding and now knows who Luis got married to and she sheds all the tears in the world.
Camilla goes to demonstrate to herself to Carlos at his work place and putting in all effort to catch the attention of Carlos into her life so he can love her but he tells her to leave because that isn’t going to work since he has a girlfriend but she still insists that she will do everything to win him over.
Camilla confronts Felipe as to why he has to lie to her that Carlos loves her when he has never even said anything of that sort and Felipe explains that he only did that to get the attention of Fernanda since he actually love her so much and Camilla says so it’s his fault that she looks so stupid in front of Carlos all because he wanted to take advantage of her and use her to get someone and so Felipe apologized to her.
Marissa pleads with Amelia to be wearing the cleaner’s uniform and she feels so humiliated about it and thinks that Marissa is just looking down on her and as she tells Lupe about it, she advises Amelia to stop thinking that Marissa is evil because all she wants to do is go according to the rules of the bank.
Isabella cunningly allows Andrea to spill out the name of her married boyfriend to her and she was actually shocked to know it was Luis Montero the husband of Marissa but she promised to keep it a secret. Suddenly Marissa arrives Isabella tells her that now that Carlos has broken up with her, the only thing she now will have to protect is the friendship but Marissa asks her not to say that because she is the woman she wants for his son and therefore will do everything possible to help her marry Carlos and no Isabella again grows happy.
Cesar involves in a conversation with his girlfriend Clarita and they talked about Luis being so angry about Carlos falling in love with the gardeners daughter and Marisa overheard them and she calls them to explain things further to her if Pedro’s daughter is the one Carlos is dating and Marissa goes mad and thinks that Carlos is out of his mind to date such a person.
Pedro sits with his lawyer Felipe to help him share his property correctly so that after divorcing Amelia she and Fernanda will have something to inherit and so he gives the house to Amelia and Fernanda and asks Felipe to make sure that he will be able to see his daughter anytime and also the other property he has is the Pick-up and quickly Amelia arrives to ask why Felipe is there again and Pedro let it out to her that he is there to help them with the divorce processing and Amelia thinks it’s for the best.
Pedro arrives at work and Marissa calls him to let him know that she now knows that her son is dating his daughter and from the look of things I think Marissa had wanted to ask Pedro to speak to him to talk to her daughter to stay away from Carlos because he has a girlfriend but as fast as possible Pedro chips in and cornered Marissa to the wall that he was even afraid she was not going to accept her daughter as the girlfriend for her son but Carlos says she is a good woman and who doesn’t discriminate about the poor and rich because social class doesn’t matter to her at all and since she was described as a good person she had nothing to say than to accept and tells Pedro that he thinks they should go study more so they get to know each other very well so they never end up hurting each other and Pedro thinks that is the best.
Marrisa tells Rosario that it is inappropriate to have his son fall in love with one of her employees but Rosario thinks that doesn’t matter because Carlos is in love with her and Marissa thinks the only problem that girl has brought to the ones she loved most is tragedy first for Carlos to break up with Isabella and second for her husband Luis to pay a huge sum of money for the lawsuit for that girl and it turns out she is the gardeners daughter but she is not going to all that relationship to germinate.
Don Fernando tells Luis that Carlos introduced his girlfriend to him and she actually resemble Amelia and he has no doubt that that girl is the child of Amelia but Luis suddenly destroys Fernanda to Don Fernando that she is a swindler and can’t be the daughter of Amelia and this makes him so confused but Luis promises to help him look for her daughter and Don Fernando says he should have killed that man who impregnated her daughter and made him throw her out of the house and immediately Luis looks so nervous.
Isabella goes to see Luis to ask him to help her get her revenge on Carlos and that school girl and if he doesn’t she is going to let Marissa know that, he has been cheating on her with Andrea and Luis tells her to be smart because she doesn’t even need him to help when she can pretend to Carlos that she is pregnant.
Marissa compares social status with Carlos and Fernanda but Carlos thinks no matter what she is the woman he loves and social class has no stand in it.
Fernanda tells her father that she dreams on going to the best musical academy in the world and Pedro looks so happy for her.

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