Passion And Power episode 21 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 21 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27th July 2016

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:50 pm

Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Julia sits at the foundation reading old letters of Arturo and unfortunately, Eladio enters and feeling so nervous wanted to fold the letter but Eladio was smart enough to take it from her and after reading it, he discovers it’s from Arturo and he grows mad at Julia for lying to him that she’s stopped seeing Arturo when it is not true and this letter proves it all. Julia takes the letter from him and tells him that, that letter is almost 20year old and she was just getting rid of them out of her box but Eladio things it’s because she hasn’t forgotten him so she was thinking about Arturo but he helped her and he starts tearing the paper and after he warns her not to try fooling him if not he will destroy them both (Arturo and Julia).
Gisela goes to inform Eladio that her daughter Caridad will be leaving prison in a months’ time and Eladio becomes nervous and he sacks Gisela out of the office all because he thinks the Gisela should alert him so early so he could have delayed the hearing again.
After Gisela stepped out, Franco meets her to ask why Eladio gives her a cheque every month and since Gisela was actually resisting, Franco bribes her with money and Gisela promise to make time with him to tell him everything.
Erick goes to Eladio’s office to confront him to give him his money because he now knows that he was the mastermind of that so called super mega business project and Eladio thinks he has already been paid what he deserved but Erick says to him that he is going to regret for making a fool out of him.
Gabriela thinks David shouldn’t give up on Regina if indeed he truly loves her and also not to allow the grudge between the two families to temper with their love for each other but David says he is afraid and Gabriela encourages him that if it becomes necessary she is willing to help him win Regina.
Erick arrives to meet Miguel with Consuelo in his room and without asking any questions he picks up a fight with Miguel and Nina arrives to warn Miguel not to try hitting any of her children ever again and after they left, Consuelo explained why Miguel was with her but that means nothing to him and even says to her that with way things are it will be better she never gives birth to that child.
Eladio goes over to Arturo’s office to disclose to him with evidence that Erick was the one who betrayed him and he actually thanks his stars because he is really going to make a lot out of it Arturo thinks Erick wouldn’t do that and he is only trying to destroy Erick since he got involve with his lover Montserrat but Arturo prefers to asks Erick himself.
Miguel discloses to Regina that the woman he has actually been talking about her that he truly is in love with her is Consuelo but the point is that, it is a hopeless dream since she is married to his brother and Yes Regina thinks he has to forget about her and love some else but Miguel thinks that is NO to him and so not to cause any more problems for her and not allowing her to also know that he has been in love with her all these while, he decides to leave to rent an apartment elsewhere but Regina asks him to think things over since without him she is also going to feel lonely in the house.
Since Arturo still have doubt that Erick could betray him, Augustin has to delete that doubt and so he tells him that what Eladio said is true because he also has the same evidence showing the same amount of money Erick took from Eladio and he shows that evidence to Arturo and he sees it as a stab in the back and he goes so mad but Augustin tries calming him down and see reason that no matter what Erick is still his son but Arturo states that Erick should have thought about that first before making that stupid decision.
Maribel and her family arrive in Acapulco and entering their hotel room, they look so happy.
Arturo confronts Erick for betraying him and the family and he hit him hard on and says he is never going trust him again and what makes him angrier is that he actually did that to please that tramp (Montserrat) he is sleeping with.

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