Passion And Power episode 22 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 28th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 22 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 28th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Arturo confronts Erick for betraying him and the family and he hit him hard on and says he is never going trust him again and what makes him angrier is that he actually did that to please that tramp (Montserrat) he is sleeping with. Arturo feels so disappointed in Erick and therefore he has to face the consequences which is to send him to prison to teach him a lesson and Nina then apologizes Arturo on behalf of Erick not to do it and he accepts but feeling so furious he tells Erick that from now onwards, he should count his name out of the Montenegro group and also should leave his house. Nina thinks it is Arturo’s fault that all these has happened because he has always distant himself from his children and Arturo then calls Erick a traitor and Nina looking so angry about that statement slaps Arturo asking him not to call their son a traitor but Arturo warns her not to dare touch him again else she will regret it and all these while Consuelo was eavesdrop their argument and she walks in to plead with Arturo not to fire Erick because she and Erick are expecting a child.
Regina and Miguel also arrive and Arturo asks Erick to apologize to Regina a for accusing her at first for being a traitor and Erick says he did the transaction because he needed money so badly and Nina thinks that all these came up because Arturo put a limit on his expenses but Arturo says he couldn’t have allowed Erick to continue being irresponsible.
Erick then apologizes to Consuelo to forgive him for cheating on her and promised that he is going to be a good father and husband.
Miguel thinks his situation or being in love with Consuelo will never become a reality since she is now married but he advises Regina to try hers with David and it will definitely work though both families are at war but love face everything since those problems are not theirs so she should defend her love but Regina says that is going to be very difficult.
Gisela pays a visit to Caridad in prison and she tells him about how Eladio and Arturo are still at war and Caridad says Eladio will never change but she is thankful that Franco her son never grew up near him so not to be exposed to all the wicked act from his father Eladio and wonders how she even fell in love with a wicked person like Eladio who couldn’t even accept his own son into his life and then asked her to go away and she thanked her mum for taking Franco far away from Eladio and Gisela upon hearing that felt so nervous because she actually know that he gave Franco to his father Eladio.
Eladio and Franco involves in a conversation and he tells Franco how Arturo has now grow so disappointed in his son Erick for betraying him to his worst enemy for giving out that confidential information and in that same vein Erick eavesdropped their conversation and he becomes so disappointed to know how cunning and wicked his father could be.
Erick thanks Consuelo for standing up to defend him in front of his family and therefore promised to be a good husband and Consuelo asks him what he is going to do with Montserrat and Erick says Montserrat will be a thing of the past.
Immediately Arturo calls Erick to his office and having Augustin on loud speaker on phone he tells Augustin that, Erick will no longer be the vice president of the company, but will still work but under Augustin’s supervision, all his privileges will be terminated and won’t be able to sign any cheques and all his corporate credit cards must be cancelled. After he cut the call, he warns Erick that, that is the way things are going to be from now onwards and if ever he defaults or make any mistake, he will have him kick out of the company and another mistake after that too, should count himself not part of his family and Erick agrees in deep sorrow and Arturo looks so disappointed.
Arturo tells Miguel that he looks so disappointed that he never included him in his business affairs but it is not going to so again because from now onwards he wants him to join him in his business because he will need a trustworthy person like him but Miguel thinks he has to give him more time to think about things since he always rejected him.
Eric meets with Regina right after he overheard his father and Franco talk about Erick betraying his father Arturo and how he made the whole thing and he goes quickly to ask Regina that they give themselves the chance to go study because now he realizes that the conflict between their parents will never end and Regina thinks though it’s really difficult but she can’t live without David and so is David too and so they agree to take the risk to fight for their love.
Eladio asks David to try getting information from Regina about Arturo for him if indeed he wishes to work for him but David says he can’t be part of their conflict because he perfectly heard what he did to Arturo and that was not good at all and therefore has decided not to work with him anymore with this wicked attitude of his.

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