Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Thursday 28th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Thursday 28th July 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:49 am

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Carlos arrives at Madrid finally and after calling his mum to let her know about her arrival and how he misses Fernanda so much. After he calls Fernanda to also let her know and how she misses her and she looks so happy and promised to call her everyday till he leaves Madrid to tell her how much he loves her. immediately after call, Amelia enters to scold Fernanda for lying to be with Carlos and skipping class but she tells her mum that wasn’t so but Felipe called to ask her to come over for the confrontation cheque and as she shows it to Amelia, she thinks that is a lot of money and will make sure to open a savings account for her at the bank. Fernanda asks her to cash so she can use some to buy her graduation trip but Amelia says NO! She is not going.
Camila goes to beg Fernanda to forgive her for offending her dad because she truly miss their friendship so much and promised not to hurt her again and Fernanda forgives and also says she misses her too.
Marissa tells Rosario about meeting Fernanda and she asks Marissa her opinion about the girl and she says, she is so pretty and she could even pass as she came from a good family but the point is when she speaks, she gives away her humble origins but as long as she keeps her mouth shut she could actually pass the test of coming from a good family. Rosario asks her not demean the girl and Marissa agrees but she wants the best for Carlos and she can’t believe Carlos will dump Isabella to fall in love with a low class girl though she doesn’t blame her for her background. But she was able to see that both of them are actually in love with each other because she has never seen Carlos so intimate and affectionate with Isabella as compared to that of Fernanda.
Rosario after writing the exams, she comes out to thank his teacher Diego for helping her get a B in the mathematics since that is her first time and looking so happy she hugs the teacher and unfortunately, the vice principal arrives to warn teacher Diego not to dare hug any student again because it goes against the schools’ rules if not the next time he does that he is going to be fired. This makes the two grow so nervous stirring at each other.
Carlos and Aldonaiz meet with the savings and loans members to have the deal signed and seriously it went through perfectly well. So Carlos calls his mum that he would be coming back with Aldoniaz the next day marking the 15days.
Carlos and Aldonaiz arrive and Marissa looks so happy. And suddenly, Isabella arrives to speak with Carlos in private and she tells her she is pregnant and Carlos doesn’t believe her because he only sees her as making something up to drift him from Fernanda but he wouldn’t fall for those tails because he isn’t naïve. He then gives him a doctor’s report conducted on her confirming her pregnancy and after he read, he asks her if she has forgotten that he is a doctor too and anyone can easily sign a medical certificate and therefore it’s not a prove and therefore would want to do the pregnancy text by himself but Isabella refuses and Carlos says if that is so then he wouldn’t believe a bit of her sayings. As she leaves, Marissa asks why she looks so sad and she tells her she is going to be a grandma and quickly, Marissa enters to speak with Carlos about his view about the pregnancy and she says to her that all he wants to know is to conduct a text on her to know if she is truly pregnant and also if the baby is his but her mum thinks they have to sit to talk and breakup with Fernanda for good but Carlos tells her that is left for her to decide.
Blanca suggests to Don Fernando that instead of sitting ideal waiting for the detective and Luis to give him information about Amelia and Daughter, he should also try placing an advert on the social media so people could assist him in looking for them and he thinks it’s a good idea and all these while Mariana was just eavesdropping their conversation.
Carlos meets with Fernanda and one could actually tell how they miss each other very much and she invites him to come for his graduation ceremony which comes up 3days to come and Carlos agrees to attend to share that great moment with her.

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