Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 29th July 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 29th July 2016

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:11 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,

Karina Proposes to Alejandro that they Hang Out and get To Know Each Other better And She Is Sure He Will Fall in Love with Her. Alejandro Tells Her They Will hangs out but without Any Engagement and Karina accepts but assures him that she is definitely going to make him fall for her.

Maria looks so happy having delivering her sunshine safely and she promised to take care of him with all the strength that is in her.

Vanessa watching Karina dancing happily with Alejandro, and she says to herself that that she is not to get so much excited because she is only using her to let her brother forget about that lowly maid.

The launching of the hospital is still ongoing and Marco comes back to dance with Vanessa after taking Estela home. He asks Vanessa if indeed she actually regret breaking up with him as she told him and she says YES but everything is too late now since he is now dating her best friend Estela and therefore wouldn’t there steal a friend’s boyfriend even if she still loves him. Vanessa says this in pretense passion and Marco would have love her to continue those sweet words but she pulls back acting like she is so much hurt breaking up with Marco.

Marcela informs Pina about Maria’s delivery and she looks so excited and decides to go see her at the hospital.

Feli receives a call from Pina about Maria giving birth to a bouncy baby boy and together with Cristobal they leave as soon as possible to the see Maria with a present and Maria choses Pina and Cristobal to be the Godparents of her son and they both accept. Maria names the child after her father and the Pope calling him Juan Pablo.

Estela wakes up early morning to have a call from Vanessa telling her that Marco came back to the party to dance with her the whole night and that means it isn’t anything she tells him that he follows. To be able to make sure about Vanessa’s statement, feeling so nervous and insecure, she calls Karina to let her know if Marco came back to the party truly to dance with Vanessa since that was what Vanessa told her and Karina says YES she saw both of them dancing together and hell NO, Estela goes mad since insecurity still keeps catching up with her that Vanessa might win Marco over again. After she angrily calls Marco to enquire why he has to do that but Marco Calms her down stating that she is the only woman he loves.

The tenants living at Mrs. Feli’s house brings a token so they could get something for Maria at the Hospital since they can’t go with empty hands to visit. They get a nice baby’s cot bassinet for her and Maria looks so happy thanking them for their generosity.

Alejandro tells Marco that he now wants to date Karina to forget about Maria since she keeps on rejecting him and even every offer he does to her and Marco thinks Alejandro dating Karina is the best solution because it is hard time he forgets about that maid.

Pina tells Maria that she’s been fired because her Madam resisted her from coming to see her at the hospital but she decided to come and lose her job than to obey that madam of hers. Maria looks so worried but Pina says she will soon get a new Job and because she was even fed up with those strict rules from her Madam.

Alejandro tells his parents that he is giving it a try to date Karina and her mum thinks it’s too early but Adolfo says Karina is a decent lady and her family and theirs have been good friends and therefore Alejandro should hurt Karina to destroy that family intimacy. But Georgina tells her husband that she doubts that Alejandro will have that sparkle on his face with Karina as compared to the woman he had while dating Maria.

Maria is discharged and upon reaching home Marcela looks so happy for Maria telling her that Babies always fascinates her and her never had one because her husband doesn’t want them.

Mr. Luis arrives home to meet only Maria and her baby since his wife went out to buy some items. He then go after Maria to set conditions for her that the only way he can allow her to continue staying in his house is to sleep with her without letting her his wife know and that is going to be consistent because anytime he feels like doing it maria would have to give in. fortunately for maria she was brave enough to defend herself by bitten the man’s ears and knocking him down with a flower pot and quickly she escapes with the child.

Yolanda decides to date Fabian just to catch the attention of Cristobal since he fails to show her not even a bit of affection.

Maria tells Pina Luis trying to take advantage of her which she never permitted because she will never sell herself for anything and she grows so furious and sympathized with her.

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