Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 29th July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 29th July 2016

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:12 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Carlos looks a bit nervous about Isabella’s pregnancy though he is not too sure about it and Fernanda sees that something is bothering him but he prefers to keep it than to let her know and breakup with him forever that he can’t take because he love her so dearly.
Mariana confronts her father as to why he wishes to place adverts in the media to look for Amelia because she sees it as a great ridicule to their family if the whole world should know this and therefore will not allow him do that.
Felipe brings Amelia a copy of the lawsuit of their divorce and he expressed his interest in Fernanda but Amelia tells him to take his eyes of her and not to think of seeing Fernanda again since her daughter has no time to love but Felipe tells her that can’t be possible because they have to work on the lawsuit about the divorce and until that Is over he can’t stop coming to their house and that means he will be seeing Fernanda very often.
Amelia discloses to lope about the divorce processing and she looks so happy for her and suddenly, Aldonaiz presents a gift to Amelia and upon opening the case it has some nice ear rings and Amelia thanked him for it and he says that was a gift he got for her from his trip and lupe says they were actually going out to toast to Amelia’s divorce processing and Aldonaiz agrees to go with them and Amelia wore them and sitting at the table to have a drink, Aldonaiz and Lupe complements how pretty the earrings looks on Amelia and Lupe tells Aldonaiz that it seems Aldonaiz is falling in love with her.
Looking at how wonderful Pedro has designed Marissa’s gardens with the flowers, she again give him a job at his bank to handle the gardens there and make it pretty more than her house and Pedro looks so happy telling thanking her for her trust in him paying him so generously and promised to do a great Job also at the bank.
Don Fernando still insists on placing an advert in the newspapers but Mariana thinks it’s a great mistake but Luis seconds and tells Don Fernando that he perfectly agrees with Mariana because doing that will only tarnish the image of their family since the media will talk about it which will go against his reputation but Don Fernanda says he is ready to face all of that humiliation.
Pedro look so happy to see her daughter almost about to graduate and Fernanda thanks him very much for being there for her and encouraging her in everything with studies, doing homework and everything by not giving up upon all the problems they were facing as a family and Pedro says he is so proud of her and both begin to shed tears.
Camila thinks it is hard time he forgets about Carlos because he doesn’t feel a things for her but her father thinks he can’t just give up on Carlos but fight for his love and since he was still insisting, Camila had no choice than to agree to press on.
Pedro asks Fernanda to go with him to cash the cheque and after go buy her a graduation dress. And Fernanda choses all the dresses in the world and Pedro analyses it to know which one is the best for her and it was all fun.

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