Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Saturday 30th July 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Saturday 30th July 2016

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:06 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,

Maria tells Pina Luis trying to take advantage of her which she never permitted because she will never sell herself for anything and she grows so furious and sympathized with her.

Yolanda decides to date Fabian just to catch the attention of Cristobal since he fails to show her not even a bit of affection. Laila and Fausto try advising her to forget about Cristobal and accept Fabian but she wouldn’t dare stating the only use she can see for Fabian is to make a Cristobal jealous and nothing else.

Pina goes to Marcela’s house to explain things to her but Maria thinks that could be mistaken as a lie but Pina should just go get her things and upon reaching there, Marcela enters Maria’s room to see the broken pot and thinks that Maria left because she broke the flower pot and thinks that she was going to let her pay but she asks Pina to tell Maria to come back because flower is nothing. Pina then says it isn’t because of that but Maria just wanted to leave because she doesn’t want to be a nuisance to them.
Suddenly, Luis enters to intentional ask about the broken pot and Marcela says Maria left because of that. Pina then plead with her to get her a poly bag so she can put the things in it and immediately she left, Pina confront Luis to count his stars blessed because Maria doesn’t want to tell her wife about it and Luis warn Pina that it is good because it’s Maria’s word against his. Marcela returns with the bassinet and a bag and wished that Maria comes back soon but Luis disagree and asks his wife to look for a new maid.

Alejandro asks Marco if he still feels something for her sister Vanessa and he never denies it because she is her ex-girlfriend but the fact is that he now has a great relationship with Estela and though her jealousy makes him get bored sometimes but it makes him feel how Estela truly loves him and that makes him feel secured.

Pina returns with the things and after she told Maria about what happened, she thinks that Marcela will think that she is an ungrateful person who left without thanking her but Pina thinks Marcela should be grateful because she saved her marriage.

Pina now has a job and this time around she thinks her madam is cool and she recommends that Maria go with her to the place since there are some rich people there looking for a house help and they step on the way. While going Maria discovers a dress making classes shop and she asks Pina to enter and ask about the time for the classes and the madam Piedad reveals to her the condition about the sewing classes and Maria accepts to enroll.

Marcela still thinks something might have happened for Maria to leave because she is a very loyal and sincere person but Luis says they maids are always ungrateful but should check if she never stole anything which can compel her to run away and with that too Marcela disagree with her husband stating that Maria is not like that. She then discovers that Luis ear bleeds and she asks him about it and he lies to say that he caught himself while shaving. He gets up enters her wife’s room to steal her anniversary ring and hid it in his suit to frame Maria up for theft. After some minutes, Marcela checks through her jewelry box and she discovers that her ring isn’t there and she informs her husband that indeed he was right all along because her ring is missing and she looks so disappointed in Maria.

Through the help of Pina, Maria gets a new Job and though the employers (Thelma and Ursula) prove to be strict and difficult with their rules, Maria accepts to work for them and thanked them for their kindness.

Pina thinking about all the struggle Maria is going through she thought it wise that it will be best to let Alejandro know about his baby so he can help her with money. She calls to inform him and unfortunately, Maria enters to question her why she has to do that and if she tries speaking to Alejandro again she will never see her again. Alejandro then grows so worried and guilty.

Vanessa would have wanted Marco to be back to her but the fact is, Alejandro asks her to look elsewhere because Marco is truly in love with Estela.

Alejandro seems so worried that he can’t get in touch with Maria now that there is a child involved but Marco asks him to do forget about Maria least to think that that baby is his.

For the of his brother’s happiness, Fausto decides to put away his feelings for Yolanda to leave her for his brother Fabian since he is also deeply in love with her though it’s not easy to give up your love but Carmina thinks it’s for the best.

Pina visits Cristobal and she spill out to him about Luis’ trying to take advantage of her causing to run away and quickly Cristobal goes mad as to why some men prefer to do that to the poor. She then added up that now Maria has gotten a new job but the fact is she only has a day off and even with that she has decided to use it to go for sewing classes and not prof. Cristobal’s classes again.

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