Passion And Power episode 23 what to expect on UTV on Monday 1st August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 23 what to expect on UTV on Monday 1st August 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Eladio asks David to try getting information from Regina about Arturo for him if indeed he wishes to work for him but David says he can’t be part of their conflict because he perfectly heard what he did to Arturo and that was not good at all and therefore has decided not to work with him anymore with this wicked attitude of his but he can ask Franco since he would definitely back him to continue his wickedness.
Clara feels so depressed since her friend Maribel and family has now left her lonely to have fun at the beach and after telling Francisco about it he suggests that they join Maribel and family at Acapulco to share some great moment with them but Gisela interrupts to say that she isn’t going to allow her to go anywhere with just anybody like Francisco but Clara asks her to stay away from her decisions if not that will cause her to leave the house to stay elsewhere and leave her alone because she always looks bitter. They then agree to go with her to Acapulco.
Eladio still states that David s not his son so, Julia compels him to have a DNA test done to stop that doubting of his about David but Eladio refuses to do so and this actually causes great pain to Julia. He then tells Julia that he should pray that David never fall in love with a Montenegro because if that happens he is surly going to make sure that relationship doesn’t work and Julia asks him even if it goes at the expense of his son’s happiness and Eladio says yes but what Julia should pray about is that, David and Regina are not of the same blood since he still doubt that David is his son.
Regina tells her father that she wishes to work again with David on the project because she has realized that the fight between him and Eladio refuses to end and also since they are not the cause of their fight there is no point in getting involve. Arturo would have loved that Regina never go back to work with Eladio’s son David because he stole something wonderful from him but he prefers to see Regina happy and very responsible and agree that indeed the children are not to cause of their problem but all he wants is that she will be careful with David.
At the dinning, Eladio commends Franco and Gabriel for taking their relationship to the next level because that shows how matured they are. He then asks David if he has a girlfriend but he says not yet and Eladio asks him not to hesitate at all to introduce her girlfriend in case he finds one so he and his mum can approve of it and David agrees.
During breakfast, Arturo prefers that Daniela gets her hands on something doing and when the university resumes she can register and starts schooling instead of those unnecessary outings. Quickly, their maid Petra arrives to say that it will be better if Daniela supports her with the house chores since he is the only one doing it after their cleaner left. Arturo then thinks it’s a nice idea but Daniela goes mad to say how can she do such a job and she asks her mum about her opinion about what her husband said and Nina though hurt states that, she should obey what her father tells her and Miguel and Regina begins laughing at her.
David blows the truth about his relationship with Regina to her mum after she asked him to sincerely tell her but he tells her that, the fact is, they broke up after realizing that the problems between their families will always go against the relationship but now they have agreed to give it a try again and all he wants from his mum is a great support and secrecy and Julia says she will because all she wants for him and his happiness.
Maribel collapses in front of the nurse as she tries asking her to help her with her injection and the she is carried to her room to be taken care of. The doctor then asks her to give him any of her relatives’ number so he can call them but she thinks it’s unnecessary since she knows what is wrong with her and that she is going to die no matter the amount of medication.
Montserrat and Aldo goes to the orphanage where Consuelo was brought up and they try everything possible to gather information about Consuelo so they can use it to ruin her or get rid of her away from the Montengros so Montserrat can be with Erick for good.
Julia calls Arturo over to the foundation to plead with him to actually have a DNA Test for his son to clear the doubt of Eladio concerning David since he thinks David is his son and Arturo grows so shocked.

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