Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 1st August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 1st August 2016

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:10 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Pedro and Fernanda arrives home after their shopping to meet Amelia and he thinks it will be best for her to have a look at the dress but she says she needs to iron her dress for work because as a personal assistant for Marissa she has to look good. Suddenly Camilla arrives and Fernanda takes her in to check her dress and she thinks the dress looks so glamorous.
Amelia puts on the earring Aldonaiz bought for her and Pedro upon entering enquires from her where she got those expensive earrings and she lies that Lupe gave it to her but Pedro could tell that she is lying and in the heat of the argument, Marissa calls Pedro on phone to come over to the bank so they could talk about the gardening work. After he hanged up, Amelia asks what the call was about and he discloses to her but Amelia demands that Pedro rejects the offer from the bank because she doesn’t want Marisa and the workers at the bank to know that Amelia who is the personal assistant to Marissa is married to a poor gardener but Pedro refuses to do what will please her.
Don Fernando tells Blanca that he’s changed his mind and has decided not to place any advert to look for his daughter because that might cause a great damage to his family considering the risks involve and Blanca goes so sad but quickly she realizes his change of mind is due to the fact that Luis and Mariana wer able to convince him about not placing the advert in the newspapers.
Carlos goes with Fernanda to her mother’s casadia’s stand to make some casadia’s to eat and suddenly Mrs. Succy (a fortune teller) arrives to convince them to follow her. she takes them to her hat and she reveals that the both of them makes a lovely couple and the next thing is that, she has to be careful since she sees something that darkens her fate such as many problems, over hidden things and mysteries and lies that will be uncovered, a big secret that has been hidden from her, will change her life forever. Fernanda grows so frightened including Carlos and he asks her that they leave but Succy tells them that even if they leave it will still happen and she will know when the time is right since there is nothing hidden from the one above because the life she is living now is just a borrowed life but there will come a time the doors will open to her and she will walk into her destiny that belongs to her and that will cause her much pain after finding out.
Fernanda’s mind gave her a different explanation as she asks Carlos is he is keeping some secret from her but he tells to stop believing in those things because he doesn’t believe in fortune telling.
It’s the graduation day of Fernanda but Amelia refuses to go and prefers to go to work but Pedro and Fernanda try everything possible to convince her to go with them since Fernanda turned out to be the best student in her class but there is no amount of words to change Amelia’s mind. Pedro then left with Fernanda to the Graduation.
In the same vein, Isabella also arrives and suddenly Carlos enters without Fernanda noticing and Isabella says she was waiting for him so they tell Fernanda about her pregnancy but Carlos tells her not to try doing that but leave it to him to handle things but Carlos’ nervousness subsided after she told her that she only came there because her sister Carolina is part of those graduating.
Mariana pours a full bottle of a solution into her father’s coffee stating that she wants to kill him faster so he can have all the inheritance to herself. After Don Fernando took it, his heart then begins to fail him and as fast as possible, Mariana calls Carlos to attend to her father and quickly Carlos leaves the graduation to attend to Don Fernando and all those while Fernanda also looks so disturbed that Carlos isn’t there yet but her father Calms her down.
Fernanda is requested to play the violin at the occasion and after playing everyone congratulated her for such a wonderful play and Sis. Sor Sonrisa thinks she will be admitted into the best musical school. Pedro then screams to those around that that is her proud daughter and asks everyone to cheer up for her.
Just like every year the students graduating are giving the chance to choose the one they think is the best one to give the graduation speech, this year the privilege is giving to Fernanda Perez.
Fernanda then reminds them about all the hardship they have been through to come out very successful having to coup with love ones and those who hate them but the fact is without them no one can move far to achieve their dream at the university. The speech was so sentimental that everyone never seizes to applaud for Fernanda and her great speech.

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