Passion And Power episode 24 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 2nd August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 24 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:18 am

Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Julia calls Arturo over to the foundation to plead with him to actually have a DNA Test for his son to clear the doubt of Eladio concerning David since he thinks David is his son and Arturo grows so shocked but after explaining things to him about Eladio’s doubt and how it gets serious always because he saw them speaking together at the night of their wedding and Arturo agrees to it and prove to Eladio that she is a decent woman. Their feeling for each other arouses and steals a kiss from her and she returns his kiss.
Aldo thinks it will be better for Montserrat to open Erick’s eyes with the information about Consuelo coming from the orphanage and not actually from a worthy family as everyone knows and with that Erick will break up from her for good and Montserrat thinks it’s a good idea.
David reveals to Regina that he already told his mum about their relationship and she approved of it and Regina also tells him that he also promises him that there will come a time that she believes that her father will also approve of their relationship and they both grow so happy.
Maribel now seems so alright and she joins her family to enjoy at the beach but Maribel continues to feel sad knowing that her years on earth will not last.
Arturo reveals to Augustin about stealing a kiss from Julia but he advised him not to do that again and stop being carried away by old memories if not things might end up badly for Julia and Eladio and also they might even be caught but all he has to do is to concentrate on his family and also shouldn’t do the DNA Test and leave Eladio to his doubt because it sounds ridiculous that he will doubt someone like Julia but Arturo prefers to do it to prove to that swine that Julia is a decent woman but will concentrate on his family because he has to set a good example for Erick to follow if he is asking him to put his family to together.
Consuelo pleads with Miguel to stay away from her so they do not have any problems with Erick now that she is expecting his child and it falls on Miguel like cold water but he had no choice than to accept.
Daniela grows so angry about partaking in doing the house hold chores and prefers to have herself at the rehabilitation or even at the convert (roman sister’s school) than to work as a maid in her own house but Nina this time around thinks it’s not a punishment but for her own good.
Eladio is about losing the deal he cunningly took from Arturo through Erick because now the constructors are rebelling that the too many rooms for that small land will cause lots of traffic at the area and Eladio after investigating through papers brought to him by Franco he detects that one of the workers works for Arturo and he becomes so angry with Franco for being so incompetent to have investigated the workers before allowing them to start the work and now there is no doubt that Arturo is behind the rebel of the workers. He then tells Franco to get ready for any consequences because if ever he loses the contract, he is going to pay for all the money involve and Franco looks so devastated.
Maribel knowing that her time is due, she speaks panting heavily to ask her husband Justino to promise her that he is going to take care of their daughter and do everything possible to make her happy but Justino pleads with her not say things like that but hold on to her breath because everything will be fine but suddenly Maribel goes seizes breath gradually and Justino carries her in his arms crying all his eyes out with their child asking what the hell is wrong with her mother.

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