Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 3rd August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:42 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Fernanda dresses up to show herself to her parents asking them if she looks she looks in the dress and Pedro thinks she looks so gorgeous. Amelia then tearfully says to Fernanda that she looks very beautiful. Fernanda then gives her the gold Medal of Honor and Amelia feels so proud of her for coming out as the best student in her class.
Fernanda and Pedro arrive at the party and Carlos looks so happy seeing how splendid his girlfriend looks. Mother Rosaura introduces a great music group and it turns out that they are actually the favorite band of all the students especially Fernanda and they grow so happy having them at the party.
Marissa invites Leopoldo to his house so she can introduce him to Andrea so they can go on a date and looking at the look on Luis’ face one could tell how jealous she looks to see Leopoldo complementing Andrea.
The music band is done with their first round of music and Fernanda congratulates them for such a great display. They then took the opportunity to wish all the graduants a big congratulation especially to Fernanda Perez and they call her up to have a picture with them and the students wonder why her and not them.
Fernanda looks so sad because their graduation trip will be tomorrow which means she is not going to see Carlos for some days but Carlos promises her not to worry because he is going to get a ticket and go with her to the trip and she thinks that will be the greatest dream of her life.
In the same vein, Hernan tries everything possible to draw Carlos’ attention on his daughter but unfortunately he only has eyes for Fernanda.
Hernan’s secretary run tearfully to speak with Mariana to plead with her husband to give her her job back because that is her only source of help and will so anything to pay back if she is able to speak with her husband for her and Mariana thinks it’s a good idea and therefore asks her to go and promised to speak with Hernan but will get back to her when she needs her.
Isabella grows so angry at Marissa for not telling him that Carlos went to the graduation party and quickly she goes there to do everything possible to let the security guys let her into the party because she is miss Universe but the guys wouldn’t let her looking at the expressing on her face they could tell she was in to cause a commotion and so she left in anger and upon reaching home, she shed tears to ask herself when destiny refused to give her what she always wanted as Miss Universe and also someone from a great family because she wonders why Carlos will reject her to take that School girl who doesn’t even brush her teeth but no matter what she is going to take revenge on those two.
Mother Rosaura takes Amelia to her office to ask why she fail to come for Fernanda’s graduation and she says she now has a job doing and Rosaura makes her to understand that every parents has a job doing but they made time to come for such an important ceremony for their wards. But Amelia thinks she’s sacrificed many things in her life for Fernanda to see her this far and so she has nothing to complain about just because of a common graduation but Rosaura thinks Fernanda has a lot to complain about because her not coming to the ceremony truly affected her so much and also for her lack of love towards Fernanda and therefore will plead that she shows her a little bit of affection to make her happy since that is all Fernanda asks from her.
The party is still ongoing and all of them dance in one line in a circle and suddenly Amelia comes to cause a humiliation to Fernanda by pulling her up away from Carlos to go with her to the house and this grabs the attention of everyone on them but she never mind and she takes her home. Upon arrival, Amelia confronts her daughter as to why she has to disclose their family matters to Mother Rosaura but Fernanda tells her that all she wants from her is for her to love her and have a chat with her like mother and daughter but Amelia thinks she is just trying to blackmail her to accept Carlos but she can’t fool her. Suddenly Pedro enters to confront Amelia about the humiliation she caused their daughter at the party by ruining her happiness with gift of humiliation but from now onwards he is warning her that he is never going to allow her to disrespect their daughter like that again.
Amelia confronts Fernanda telling her that, the last night, her father came to her rescue but this time around no one is going to save her from what she has to tell her making Fernanda to feel so scared.

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