Passion And Power episode 25 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 3rd August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 25 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:46 pm

Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Eladio goes home with Arturo’s letter to confront Julia and he warns her that, since the two of them have been making a fool out of him, Julia is going to regret it. Julia then tells him that of course she met with Arturo to ask him to have a DNA test done so that she can get rid of the doubt Eladio has about David that he isn’t his son. Eladio thinks it’s a very reckless because now Arturo will laugh at him but Julia thinks it’s for the best.
After Erick learning that Consuelo was into prostitution first before going to the Orphanage, he angrily confronts her as to why she failed to disclose that to him first before their marriage and she would have love to explain things to him but hell NO, Erick refuses to give her the chance and all he demands is for her to give him divorce because he can truly tell that Consuelo only came into her life just because of his family money.
Miguel accepts to work with his father but he also would love to move out of the house to stay in his apartment thinking this will help lessen his confrontation with Erick always but Arturo asks him not to leave because the house also is his and promised to make things change but Miguel thinks it’s for the best. Arturo then enquires if his leaving has gotten anything to do with Consuelo but he says NO. Arturo then pleads with him to stay and not leave him alone because he now needs him to be closer to him.
Petra/Samanta congratulates Consuelo about her pregnancy and asks her to count on her to be the child’s Nanny because it will be very exciting to have a child walk in the house and Consuelo thanks her for her great offer.
Eladio disconnects all of the telephones in the house and also takes along with him Julia’s phone to the work place stating that, by so doing it will prevent her from doing more harm to him by not calling her so called love Arturo again so they could meet to stab him at his back because to be frank what she’s done has really broken his heart and it is all because of the telephone communication.
Consuelo sits Miguel down to spill the truth about her background to him and she tells him that, before going to the orphanage, she used to leave at a prostitution house with her mother because she was a prostitute when she was 8yrs old and after the death of her mother, the other prostitutes were the ones who took care of her with so much love and the only thing she was doing there was to help them with the house chores and nothing else. Miguel then tells her that, she is not to blame for being born in that prostitution house and therefore Erick has to understand that but Consuelo tells him he refuses to do so and Miguel wonders how Erick even found out about that secret. Miguel thinks Consuelo should have told Erick about it during their relationship and Consuelo says she was afraid of losing him but now she is going to the orphanage to enquire how her confidential issues came out of the blues.
The shareholders/employees of Eladio’s company call up an emergency meeting with Eladio to tell him that they certainly fed up with his behavior lately and they have come to a conclusion that they would not allow Eladio to go on managing the company as he’s done so till now because they are fed up with him making decisions based on the conflicts he has with the Montenegro group because that is also damaging their image as shareholders but if he will control himself about the issues he has with the Montenegros they are going to maintain him but if not, he will force them to remove him as the head of the Gomez Luna association.
Eladio brings Julia’s father Humberto to stay in their house to watch over her whenever he is not in the house so he never leaves to meet with Arturo ever again and Julia looks so nervous and more confused as to what the intentions of Eladio.
Arturo tells demands that Erick will help supervise the construction of some store at one of his branches and after completion will have to move there with Consuelo to stay there but he thinks the place is far and also he is not to supervise but to head. Nina arrives to hear the news and she goes against Arturo for doing that to their son but Arturo thinks that is best and if he decline, that means he would have to resign from the company. Erick would have loved to reveal the secret about Consuelo to Arturo but he refuses to listen to him. Consuelo enters to ask about why they are arguing and Arturo tells him about the situation and she agrees to go with Erick wherever he goes but doesn’t know if Erick will allow her to go with him. Arturo then grows proud of Consuelo that she wishes to help her husband in everything.
Humberto thinks it is right for Eladio not to trust her because seeing Arturo again has made her changed a lot because all she want is to go to bed with him to offend Eladio and Julia just yelled at his father to think whatever suits him.


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