Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Thursday 4th August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Thursday 4th August 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:35 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Amelia confronts Fernanda telling her that, the last night, her father came to her rescue but this time around no one is going to save her from what she has to tell her making Fernanda to feel so scared but she tells her that she is used to her scolding but all she wants her to disclose to her is why she always looks unhappy but first of all she would like her to tell her why she was quarreling with her father about she having another man in her life and Amelia thinks that she is just disappointed in Pedro because she wished that he would be more ambitious in his life but hell NO, he is ordinary and always contended to being a simple gardener.
Carlos calls Isabella to the hospital to let her have the test but she slaps him stating that he is an idiot to still doubt her all these while but unfortunately Felipe arrives and overheard Isabella telling Carlos that she is pregnant and he can chose to believe or not but she won’t do any ultra sound. Felipe then grows so happy for Carlos and congratulates them but Carlos asks her to him to excuse them and after he left Carlos still insists that she does the pregnancy test but she wouldn’t.
Pedro sits with Fernanda to disclose to her that he noticed at the party that Camilla is interested in carlos but if she knows that she is the girlfriend of Carlos then a friend shouldn’t do that. Fernanda then reveals to her father that, the fact is, she hasn’t told Camilla about their relationship because she is afraid to lose their friendship and also it is rather Camilla’s father who is forcing her on Carlos because he thinks he is a rich guy and could be a great catch for his daughter but her father thinks she should tell Camilla about it and clear things up with her before things go worse.
Mariana goes to speak with Virginia that she is only going to speak with her husband Henan to give her the job back for only one favor by acting like she knows Amelia very much because she used to live with them in the same boarding house and the counselor of Luis takes the woman to see Luis and she tells him the exact words Mariana asked her to tell Luis which is, they were very close friends but she was so poor that when she got pregnant she had nowhere to lay her head and she gave her one room in her apartment and when the labor pain came she has to call the midwife to the house since she never wanted to go to the hospital so she gave birth to a beautiful girl in the house and since she had no money she could even afford to buy food so she had to give the child up for adoption for 10,000 dollars and after that she left travelled and never saw her again and Luis Believed it that he will never find Amelia.
Mariana speaks with Henan to take her secretary Virginia back in the company in return for that plan she had with her to lie about knowing Amelia.
The day is due fire the children to go for their graduation trip and every parent arrive to bid farewell to them before they leave and Pedro wasn’t left out and Fernanda looks so happy going on that trip because it happens to be her first time of travelling to a far distant. Upon arrival at the place, Fernanda grows so happy looking at the luxury the city is surrounded with and whiles taking a look at the area, it turns out that Carlos had already arrived waiting for his girlfriend Fernanda and indeed it surprised her to the maximum and suddenly Felipe also arrive behind Fernanda and Carlos wonders his mission and he states that he came because of Fernanda so he could spend time with her and they had no choice than to coup with him. Quickly, Camilla arrives and she grows o happy seeing Carlos because she guessed he only came because of her.
Carlos and Fernanda involves in a conversation and he tells Fernanda that after they get marriage he is going to travel with her all over the world because she is the love of his life and the one he wants to stay with and will love her with every strength in him till death.

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