Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 5th August 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 5th August 2016

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:30 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,

Eugenio after conducting a test on Georgina, it turns out that her cancer ailment continues to spread in her system and this time around it will only take the grace of God to heal her and Georgina grows so sad and hopeless.

Estela advises Vanessa to lower her standard of selecting men and with that she can actually find the right guy to love her.

Alejandro goes to Marcela’s house to offer her a cheque for the ring Maria supposedly stole to plead on behalf of her that she doesn’t report her to the police. Left to Marcela, she wouldn’t have taken the money but suddenly her husband arrives to accept the cheque from Alejandro and states that with the cheque there is no point in reporting again to the police and Alejandro thanked them.

Maria speaks with Ursula to give her some money to buy some fabric which she intends to use in sawing a skirt for her and she agrees and bought it for her but war betides her if she destroys the fabric or it doesn’t fit her, that expensive Fabric will be deducted from her salary and Maria grows so nervous about it.

Nayeli brings the love solution given to her by Inocencio to Fabian to put on him in other to attract Yolanda to himself and he does that. In that same vein, Fausto also was with Yolanda helping her to select a dress to have a date with Fabian, also with his love medicine given to him by Tavo to attract Yolanda and as soon as Yolanda entered the bathroom, he dips her attire into the medicine and unfortunately for him it ends up badly since caused many itches to Yolanda’s body and she begins to scratch herself and everything goes to weird as Fabian enters Yolanda’s room to find Fausto there. He grows so annoyed that he attacks his brother for being with the woman he knows that he actually love but Yolanda asks her not to touch his brother because he is not even interested in women since he is a gay and has even been wanting her rather to love him (Fabian). The argument was so strong that it drew the attention of the people living at the boarding house.

Ursula and Thelma receives a visitor and surprisingly it turns out that they and Vanessa have being friends in all their lives and as Maria serves her Vanessa recollects that she is the maid her brother has fallen in love with. Suddenly the baby cries and Vanessa intentionally asks her to bring the child to meet her since she actually loves babies very much and as Maria shows her child to her, Vanessa prays that that Monster child does not belongs to Alejandro. After maria left with the baby, Vanessa asks her friends why they have to accept a maid with a child into their house because it could turn out that she even be a thief and she asks them not to mention her name to Maria since she doesn’t want people who do not have references to know her and they agree to her appeal. They reason to through her on the street to look for a different maid but Vanessa knowing her intentions about the advantage she could get staying with her friends, she pleads with them not to through Maria out because she will have nowhere to go with her child.

Vanessa arrives home and she says to herself that she can’t believe that destiny has actually brought Maria to her so easily and with that she can help her brother to put an end to his obsession about Maria.

Alejandro continues to have the memory of Maria running through his mind to the extent that he can’t do away with that even if he tries using Karina to forget her (Maria).

Vanessa calls a friend of Hippolyto their driver, to ask him to help her deal with some issue.

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