Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 7th August 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Sunday 7th August 2016

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:29 pm

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in todays episode,

Considering the ill-treatment Tavo and Nayeli is giving to Coral because she disclosed to her granddad about the love solution they took from Inocencio, she asks her grandpa that they leave the house to stay elsewhere because she looks so unhappy.

Nicanor begins his job by stepping into each step Maria makes to monitor her as Vanessa asked him to do.

Georgina seeing how sad Alejandro looks because of the memories of Maria, he compels her to look for her but he tells her that she has already done that but to no avail.

Maria and Pina pays a visit to Cristobals boarding house and the tenants looks so happy seeing her child. Maria then seized the opportunity to thank Cristobal for all his effort to make her read and write since had it not been him she wouldnt have understood all the patterns of the dressmaking tips. Mrs. Feli makes some hibiscus drink and some food to celebrate their visit. Suddenly, Yolanda arrives and through a conversation she had with Maria, she tells her that she looks so happy that Cristobal has a girlfriend like Yolanda as she truly has a good and thank God that, she is the fiancée to Cristobal since that was what she said to her. Fausto rise to correct that statement that Cristobal and Yolanda are only friends and nothing else and Yolanda answers that its true because she is fond of Cristobal but she hasnt proposed to her and Cristobal thinks he wouldnt do that because he cant even have time for a relationship.

Vanessa arrives with Didier at the restaurant and she introduces him to the four people (Marco, Alejandro, Estela and Karina) as her boyfriend and this actually makes Marco go jealous Whereas the ladies thinks that they are actually meant for each other. Vanessa raises the guy to a certain level of class that he is a big entrepreneur and also handling the general managers position in well-known bank and they were actually moved by those words. Marco becomes jealous to the extent of even smoking when truly he has sworn never to do it again and Alejandro even recognized that indeed his friend was jealous.

Mr. Zachariah tells Feli that he wishes to rent an apartment in the neighbourhood and leave her boarding house since that is the wish of his grandchild because she wants to make friends but in the house the children refuses to do so but Mrs. Feli asks her to think about it again and will see to it that whatever the problem is, it will be solved. Cristobal then took the opportunity to ask for Marias opinion to move in to stay with them but she refuses stating that she is okay at where she is working but Pina tries convincing her to accept to stay at Felis house but she refuses.

Marias child cries very loudly and maria would have loved to calm him down but Ursula will not allow her do that at the same time, Thelma wishes have her peace of mind to watch her favorite program but this kid disturbs with his cry and she goes over to warn this little kid to shut up and just when she was almost about hitting the child, Maria arrives to warn her not to make that attempt if not she would have her to contend with. Thelma questions Maria who she thinks she is to challenge her and this develops into a huge argument and Ursula arrives to enquire the reason and after Maria explained, they order her to leave for trying to have a confrontation with them. Maria demands for that months Salary and hello NO, they refuses to do that and even thinks she might have stolen something after she packed her things to leave and it was really embarrassing. They kick her out in the middle of the night and in deep sorrow she had no choice than to go to Pina.

Pina then takes her to Cristobals house and he grows so shock seeing her with her things and Pina explained things to him and Cristobal looked so sorry for her.

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