Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 8th August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Monday 8th August 2016

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Luis gets closer to Aldonaiz and Amelia and as he takes a seat to speak with Aldonaiz, Amelia turns to look at his face and immediately, he never seem to recognize her and Amelia becomes hurt as since Luis finds it difficult remembering her and even asking her if she is married with children and quickly she decides to go and Luis asked of her name after she mentioned it, it fell on Luis like cold water but Amelia left right after that and Luis sees that he has actually bump into the road to destiny.
Marissa tells Pedro about Carlos travelling with Fernanda on the trip but he finds it difficult to believe since the trip was meant for the graduants alone and they were also forbidden to take their boyfriends along with them therefore he doesn’t believe that his decent Fernanda will do such a thing but Marissa seems so sorry that he has to hear the news from her but that is the truth and she thinks that, it is a good step they have to take now because they are now getting to know each other but Pedro grows so worried.
As Carlos and Fernanda kisses, Carolina sees them from afar and she runs to inform her friend while swimming that as soon as they get into the hotel, she will tell the vice principal about it.
Luis goes after Amelia and in front of the school gate, he pleads to speak to her but she tells him that there is no point in doing so because they have nothing to talk about. Amelia sees Pedro coming with his car and Pedro also spots them but as to the specific man he never recognized and quickly she has to ask Luis to leave because she doesn’t want any problem with her husband so Luis gives her his complementary card and left asking her to call him because they really need to talk. Pedro arrives home to ask Amelia about the man he was speaking with but she says he only demanded for direction to a place.
Amelia calls Luis on phone and whiles expressing how much she missed her, Pedro overhears her and quickly enters the room in full anger to cut the call and confronts her on why she has to call Luis with his telephone and also in his house and she asks him why he looks so angry to see hear her speaking with Luis because she doesn’t recall having to explain her personal life to him and Pedro and Pedro says it still matters because as it is, she is still his wife. Pedro wonders how she got his number and she proudly discloses to him that they man he saw her talk to on the street was Luis and that was the time he gave her his number and he even asked about his daughter which she thinks he has every right to have her daughter back. Pedro then grow very nervous but he asks Amelia not to have her hopes high because Luis rejected her and can still do it again but she thinks that was too long ago because now may be Luis might have forgiven her and has regretted his mistake and so there is no problem but Pedro warns her that he is never going to allow her to tell Luis about his daughter because legally she carries his last name because he took care of her as if she were his own daughter.
Pedro goes to ask Sister Rosaura to call Fernanda to know if indeed Carlos is at the trip with her and indeed it turns out to be true. She grows so furious and she tells her that her father also looks so furious too but there is no amount of words from Fernanda that could subsides their temper down. Fernanda then grows so sad again but Sister Sor Sonrisa tries everything possible to cheer her up but not to get into more trouble as the keeper of Fernanda, she resists her from meeting with her boyfriend again.
Don Fernando decides to meet with Luis so they could discuss about their next move in finding his daughter Amelia but his ailment of amnesia comes again and forgets about where he is even going as he walks in a bush without his car asking himself so many questions about where he and doesn’t even know where he is going.
Felipe seeing that all his effort to win Fernanda has fallen on rock, he spills the truth about Isabella being the girlfriend of Carlos to her and she becomes so disappointed in Carlos ad feels he’s being lying to her all these while.

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