Passion And Power episode 28 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 9th August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 28 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 9th August 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Eladio arrives home after meeting with Arturo to question Julia very furiously on how many times she’s met with Arturo and she grows so nervous but he tells him the only thing she did was ask for the DNA Test and this actually generate into a huge argument and in the same vein Gabriela calls David to come home immediately because his parents are at war again. Eladio then states that Julio is going to be locked up like as it was at first but she refuses to let him do that to her again and she tries running out of the room Eladio goes after her to stop her but unfortunately she slips on the stairs and roll down and she went unconscious and Eladio becomes so disturbed. The ambulance team arrive to take Julia to the hospital and Eladio states that Julia should hold on if not he is going to die.
Augustin thinks it will be better for Arturo to concentrate on his marriage life than to think of Julia and putting his family apart but Arturo still insists on helping Julia.
Justino continues to put blame of Clara that she is the cause of Maribel’s death since she never told her about the sickness and therefore he doesn’t want to see her in his room again least to think of coming closer to daughter because he hates her for hiding such a secret from him.
Consuelo’s driver who took her to the funeral of Maribel is nowhere to be found so she calls Nina to beg her to arrange for someone to pick her up but he tells her se has no slave in that house to just be at her back and call but luckily Arturo arrives to ask Nina if that was Consuelo on the line and she tells her about it. So Arturo thinks it will be better for them to pick her up since it’s too late and she is also pregnant but Nina thinks Consuelo is becoming unbearable and should also have think about her pregnancy first before going to that Funeral. Arturo tries making Nina see reason that it is her in-law and grandson they are talking about but hell NO she shuns Arturo and left. Arturo then says to himself that Nina is making him run out of patience.
The doctor confirms that Julia is now in coma and as at now there is nothing they can do about it but Eladio insists that he does everything possible to save her wife if even he can recommend him to a different doctor and the doctor gives him the go ahead if he thinks he is incompetent but the point is he can’t move the patient because that may cause more injury.
Francisco offered to take Consuelo home and she thanked her very much for bring her and pleaded with him to take good care of Clara for her because she is her only family and Francisco assures her on that. He perks her and to say goodbye and Quickly Nina comes out and misunderstand everything that he is Consuelo’s boyfriend and she has no bit of shame as a pregnant woman and Francisco introduces himself but Nina wouldn’t believe but Miguel arrives and after asking for all the explanation, Miguel thinks Nina is being unfair to Consuelo and he thanked Francisco for bringing her home. Consuelo then pleads with Nina not to mention any of this to Erick.
David arrives at the hospital and Gabriela discloses to her about his mother’s accident and quickly he confronts his father to ask what exactly happened to have ended her mum in that state and Eladio explain things him but David warns him that if he discovers that his mother fell down because of a fault of his, he is never going to spare him for that but Eladio thinks he loves Julia more than to hurt her and David states that, if that were so he wouldn’t be mistreating her like that.
Consuelo prefers that Miguel would help her tell Arturo about her living with prostitutes a long time ago so that things wouldn’t get complicated if Erick should tell him but Miguel thinks it will be better to investigate the one who actually went to that extent of bringing out that confidential issues from the orphanage and with that she can actually back her statement and Consuelo agrees.
Eladio goes to see Julia still in coma at the intensive unit and he tells her to forgive him for all the misunderstanding they had because she should know that he doesn’t have the heart to harm her and even now he is willing to give up his life in her place. He knows that no one understands the love he has for her but she does because in spite of everything he has always been the love of his life since the first day he saw her but with all those struggling to make her love her was in vein and that makes him go mad knowing her heart belongs to someone else and all he gets from her is fake love. All these time David was behind him listening to his monologue without Eladio noticing.

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