Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 9th August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 9th August 2016

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Mariana comes to the restaurant to wait for Amelia and she thinks she has to speak with Amelia to know what she and Luis talked about but she is sure he never said anything to Amelia about Virginia Torres telling her about selling her daughter because if she had told her she would have caused a scandal when she arrived at her house but that never happened she guessed and therefore she is going to pretend to her as the good sister she has always been to Amelia so that she wouldn’t suspect that she has an evil intention about her but unfortunately Amelia never showed up because Pedro never allowed her out thinking that she was going out to meet with Luis and he wouldn’t let her.
Luis waits for Don Fernando in his house but he never showed up because he is lost and Luis grows so worried and he calls Blanca to inform her and Blanca looking so worried to calls Mariana to let her know and after Mariana calls her father to know where he is but the fact is his amnesia is back again and can’t even remember Mariana or anyone. He even grows so confused and throws his phone away.
Fernanda grows so sorrowful about what Felipe told her about Carlos having a girlfriend and in much pain, she gathers her things to leave and sis Sor Sonrisa tries letting her stay but she wouldn’t heed to anything and she lied to excuse her that her father is severely sick which is why she wants to leave. Camila also arrive to make her reason to stay but hell No nothing convinces her, she is actually determined and so she left right away.
Carlos grows so furious about Felipe after he told him about telling the truth about his girlfriend Isabella and this develops into a huge argument that Carlos left as fast as possible to clean up the mess Felipe has caused but upon reaching Fernanda’s room, sis Sor Sonrisa disclose to him that Fernanda has gone back home because she said her father is sick and quickly Carlos also goes to get her things to go back home to clear things with Fernanda. In the same vein Fernanda whiles on the way sees don Fernando sitting so ideal and she goes to ask what he is doing in the middle of the road but his amnesia comes again and he begins saying Fernanda is his daughter but the police arrive and Fernanda asks them to take her to the police station so his family members could come for him. After a while, Fernanda calls the police station to give them the address of don Fernando.
Carlos calls Pedro to ask if Fernanda has reached home because she left stating that he was sick. Pedro then called mother Rosaura to inform her about Fernanda’s coming back home and quickly Amelia enters to ask Pedro about the call and after telling her she becomes so angry at Pedro for spoiling Fernanda due to how he is always lenient with her.
Fernanda arrives home and quickly Amelia confronts her as to why she left the trip and also why she lied about her father being sick but since Fernanda looks so sad she would spill anything and Pedro questions Amelia to stop harassing her but Amelia never seizes to rain insult on Fernanda but Fernanda left into her room and Pedro goes after her to calm her down and in that, she tells her why she came back from the trip and all is due to Carlos’ deception.
The police calls don Fernando’s house to let them know that their father is safe with them and Mariana grows so happy and she and Henan decides to go pick bring him home.
The next morning Pedro confronts Amelia as to why she failed to even speak with Fernanda knowing how depressed she was but she tells him that very soon she would not put up with this confrontation of her after she signed the divorce papers and Fernanda overhears them and questions them if indeed they are getting divorce.

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