Passion And Power episode 29 what to expect on UTV on Wedneday 10th August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 29 what to expect on UTV on Wedneday 10th August 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Eladio goes to see Julia still in coma at the intensive unit and he tells her to forgive him for all the misunderstanding they had because she should know that he doesn’t have the heart to harm her and even now he is willing to give up his life in her place. He knows that no one understands the love he has for her but she does because in spite of everything he has always been the love of his life since the first day he saw her but with all those struggling to make her love her was in vein and that makes him go mad knowing her heart belongs to someone else and all he gets from her is fake love. All these time David was behind him listening to his monologue without Eladio noticing.
David tells Gabriella that he seems so surprised to see his father speaking to his mother with much affection and anyone could really tell that there is no doubt that his father doesn’t love his mother but he wonders why he treat his mother with too much aggressiveness and Gabriela thinks it so strange to her too. He then apologized to his dad for doubting him that he never loved his mum and they both hug each other.
Nina tries polluting Arturo’s mind with Consuelo having herself a new lover who even came to drop her home who even introduced himself as Francisco and quickly Arturo realized what Nina is trying to make up but he shuts her up that, she is not to say anything evil about Consuelo because she is a good woman and she is also going to give him a grandson and also that Francisco only gave her a ride home since she (Nina) failed to go bring her home from the funeral of Maribel. He again warn her not say any of that to Erick.
Arturo’s workers tries to negotiate with Erick some terms of condition of services before accepting to work and start with Arturo’s construction but Erick thinks their request is absurd and therefore they can go wherever they pleases since they need the job more than him and after the workers left, Franco arrive with huge amount of money to congratulate the leader for helping Eladio destroy to polluting the workers mind against the Montenegros.
Gabriela discloses to Arturo about Julia’s accident which has even landed her in coma and he grows so disturbed and even would have love to check on her but Gabriela thinks he Can’t since that could promote another fight between him and Eladio.
Consuelo and Miguel goes to the foundation to speak with the caretaker to enquire who actually came there to derive her past and after a description by the woman, Consuelo detects perfectly that it was Montserrat because she only wants to use that to tear her and Erick apart to be with him. So she apologized to the caretaker not to give any information about her to anyone again.
David pleads with his father to tell him the man he thinks his mother’s heart belongs to and Eladio in tears simply disclosed to him frankly that it is Arturo Montenegro and that is the real reason why he has hated him all his life and not business because Julia has never loved him as he loved him as compared to the love she has for Arturo. David never understood so Eladio had to explain it in detail and David grows so shocked.
Santiago calls Arturo to inform him to come over to the construction side to do the negotiation with workers since Erick failed to do so and if that happen the construction can’t go on.
David then calls Regina to meet him and he also discloses to her about the why their family is always at war and Regina then understands all this conflict. She then asks David if after knowing this will pull him back from her because she only thinks that destiny only brought them together so that their parents will end that conflict and David thinks she is right.
Consuelo wishes to go confront Montserrat about why she has to go investigate her background but Miguel thinks it’s of no use since that will only hurt her in the end and she reasoned and declined.
Nina overhears Regina telling Miguel about Arturo being the boyfriend to Julia years ago and she asks Regina in nervousness as to who told her that and she mentioned David but Nina still thinks they are cheating on her due to the way Arturo has been distancing himself from her therefore she is going to confront Julia but Regina tells her she can’t do that because Julia is now in Coma and Nina thinks she deserves it for cheating behind her with her husband.
Arturo goes to the intensive unit to check on Julia but David bumps into him and he asks him to leave because he knows everything about his relationship with his mum but all he is asking him to is to stay away from his mother since she is now married and Arturo tells him also that he can’t do that because something is also clear to him that he truly love Julia very much.

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