Passion And Power episode 30 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 11th August 2016

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Passion And Power episode 30 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 11th August 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Arturo goes to the intensive unit to check on Julia but David bumps into him and he asks him to leave because he knows everything about his relationship with his mum but all he is asking him to is to stay away from his mother since she is now married and Arturo tells him also that he can’t do that because something is also clear to him that he truly love Julia very much. David asks him to leave before Eladio enters to see him if not there will be a commotion but before Arturo leaves, he tells David to let him know In case Julia needs any help.
Nina confronts Arturo to explain to her why he has never mentioned to her that he used to go out with Julia but Arturo that he has nothing to explain to her because that was a long time ago and Julia grows so depressed about the whole thing and Arturo asks her to do away with this jealous act of hers if not they are going to get separated one day.
Julia comes out of Coma and tells Eladio that, after what happened, she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore because if she is on a hospital bed it was because he provoked and Eladio begs her to forgive him and give him one more chance but Julia thinks he still will not change for the best and therefore he can’t be with him because he will agree to stay with him in the same house but will not be his wife because what hurt her most is that he will still doubt that David is his son. Eladio then disclose to her that, things between him and David will be fine because he mentioned to him about her relationship with Arturo and how he has always been the love of her life and Julia goes mad at Eladio for doing that.
The doctor arrives to see how Julia blood pressure was going up and she asks the doctor not to allow her husband to come see her again because he only causes her more pain. So after the Doctor attended to her, he goes to tell Eladio that he is forbidden to see his wife again because he only makes things worse for her and that is the request of his wife but Eladio thinks it’s is a crazy decision and therefore will transfer his wife to a different hospital and the doctor says he can do so but so far as the patient is still under their care they won’t allow him to see her to cause more harm to her health.
Arturo goes over to the construction area to speak with erick and after asking him about how things went with the labour union erick says he never was able to negotiate with them since their terms of condition of services was beyond standard so he got bored with them but Arturo thinks he could have at least buy a bit of time and get to know the names of the laborers but with that to erick doesn’t even have one name and Arturo gets so disappointed in him so Erick would have preferred to go back home since he couldn’t handle the situation but Arturo asks him to stay since there are all going to speak with them to have the negotiation and war betides if he mess things up again because if that happens he will fire him from his company.
In the same vein, Regina calls her father to know what is going on at the construction side and after telling her everything, she suggests to her father she can help him with some laborers from Queretaro where she works but that will cost much but Arturo thinks that will be a good idea and the cost involve does not matter perhaps it will solve the problem for him. He again pleads with Regina to think of working with him in the company since the Montenegro group will actually need experts like her.
Julia tells David not to believe anything his father told him about her relationship with Arturo because she will be the one to explain how everything happened and David grows surprise.
Justino still wants Clara to stay away from him and his daughter but Clara pleads with him to consider Luisita because she needs her since she now misses her mother very much and Justino agrees.
Erick catches Franco with the laborers leader and he confronts Franco to let him know that he knew all along that the Gomez Luna were the brain behind the laborers strike on his father’s construction and therefore should wait because he will be back with an action against the Gomez Lunas. Franco then calls Eladio to let him know that Erick caught him with laborers leader and Eladio goes mad.
Regina tells David about helping his father with Laborers at Queretaro and David thinks it’s a good idea and if in case she needs help from him to assist his father she can consult him Because he is willing to assist his father with all the help he may need and Regina promised him that she is never going let anyone know about his assistance.
Julia allows one of the nurses use her phone to call Arturo for her and she tells her that she being in that condition made her to think of so many things and that is why she wishes to see him so they can talk about so many things.

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