[How To Get Lifetime Spotify Premium]

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[How To Get Lifetime Spotify Premium]

Post by 0b3Y b0y on Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:53 pm

How many times do we have to tell these people we don't buy apps I Ghana..huh
okaaaaaaay lets go

I prepared this before I going to school

Spotify Premium Life-Time

How to make any Spotify Account Premium.

1. Login into Spotify and then go to wwwdotspotifydotcom/us/upgrade/
2. Click on "Want to use another payment option?" Go to "Change country" And
Make sure You Create the Account you will use or plan on selling as this method
can be used to open up your very own shop.
- (Other credit card Country's will be supported soon! )
But mainly USA for now.
2. Click on "Credit card".
4. Fill in the Expiry date, Security code and Zip code in this format :
- 11 | 17 | 041 | 50001
5. Enter this card number : "4147202100000000" Then submit.
- It will say "Please enter a valid credit card number", But that's all fine.
6. Remove the last 8 digits and then enter 8 random one's
- for example 41472021XXXXXXXX > 4147202164972345
- It should say "Please enter a valid credit card number" again but that's okay.
7. Increase the last digit by 1 till "Please enter a valid credit card number" Will
no longer show.
- Now Just Press Submit and your Good to Go

Stream all the music you want ..

and for paid Android apps and the ones not found on Google play use Aptoide
Others tutorials loading
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