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 Dating now (2002) Korean Drama Empty Dating now (2002) Korean Drama

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 Dating now (2002) Korean Drama Dating-now-2002-320x400

Dating now 2002
Title: Dating now (We are dating now)
Genre: Comedy •Romantic comedy •Drama •Romance
Episodes: 1-16 Complete
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Directed by Oh Se-kang

Neighbours Ho-jung and Kyo-in as youths have developed a quarrelsome relationship. As a youth Ho-jung made several blind dates, namely Jae-young, Hyun-min, Jin-sung and Jeong Hoon. Cha-hee had also dated Kyo-in during their youth, who rejected her. The girls and their family missed Kyo-in and Ho-jae when they entered the army together.
After serving the army, Kyo-in was employed into a company together with his friend Gun-woo, whom he first met when they helped a fellow employee-to-be during an interview whom had taken ill, and they became friends from there. Ho-jung herself has already became an established photographer, and had graduated from university…


dating_now [mkv]-E (1).mkv – 158.3 MB

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dating_now [mkv]-E (3).mp4 – 163.2 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (4).mp4 – 171.4 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (5).mp4 – 174.2 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (6).mp4 – 162.4 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (7).mp4 – 146.9 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (Cool.mp4 – 241.9 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (9).mp4 – 145.2 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (10).mp4 – 128.6 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (11).mp4 – 251.0 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (12).mp4 – 271.5 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (13).mp4 – 252.8 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (14).mp4 – 201.5 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (15).mp4 – 227.5 MB

dating_now [mkv]-E (16).mp4 – 298.7 MB


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