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 Dream High (2011) Korean Drama Empty Dream High (2011) Korean Drama

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 Dream High (2011) Korean Drama Dream-High-2011-400x267

Dream High (2011)
Title: 드림하이 / Dream High
Genre: School, romance
Episodes: 16 + Special Concert
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-03 to TBA
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

“Dream High” takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars. Song Sam-Dong (Kim Soo-Hyun) lives in the country side and dreams of becoming an owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) at first sight and follows her to Kirin High School of Art. There he discovers his genius like musical talent. Jin-Gook (TaecYeon) is a gifted dancer, but a troubled student at school. The director of Kirin High School of Art ((Bae Yong-Jun)) recommends to Jin-Gook to enroll at his school. There, Jin-Gook’s talents blossom and he now dreams of becoming a global star. Exchange student Jason (Wooyoung) comes to Kirin High after receiving the top score for new applicants. He comes from abroad and shows outstanding skills as a dancer. Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) is the most popular girl at Kirin High. She carries herself as a confident girl, but inside hides a sad past. She dreamed of becoming a world renown classical vocalist, but after the collapse of her family she had no choice but to enter Kirin High School of Art. She is loved by Song Sam-Dong and Jin-Gook. Yoon Becky (Eun Jung) looks up to Ko Hye-Mi, who appears to have everything. They soon become rivals. Eria (Yoon Young-Ah) is a popular teen star. She enters Kirin High School of Art and becomes the object of admiration by her peers. She looks forward to having a “regular” school life.


Dream High – 01.mkv – 211.1 MB

Dream High – 02.mkv – 204.5 MB

Dream High – 03.mkv – 221.2 MB

Dream High – 04.mkv – 216.3 MB

Dream High – 05.mkv – 207.9 MB

Dream High – 06.mkv – 209.0 MB

Dream High – 07.mkv – 220.4 MB

Dream High – 08.mkv – 220.0 MB

Dream High – 09.mkv – 221.1 MB

Dream High – 10.mkv – 217.6 MB

Dream High – 11.mp4 – 212.7 MB

Dream High – 12.mp4 – 212.8 MB

Dream High – 13.mkv – 200.8 MB

Dream High – 14.mp4 – 207.8 MB

Dream High – 15.mp4 – 202.8 MB

Dream High – 16.mkv – 217.6 MB

Dream High Special Concert.mp4 – 204.9 MB

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