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MechRunner-SKIDROW EPR8zk8

One of Petrakoff’s lead engineers, Jesper Teterev, went AWOL and left the program early, wary of what was happening there. He went to live in secret with his sister, Isabel and niece, Allison. While in hiding however, Jesper (with the help of budding engineer and pilot Allison) was busy building his own mechanized war machine, called the XP-41, certain it may be needed one day to stave off the O.S.O.’s evil creations. He was right.

Genre: Action
Developer: Spark Plug Games
Publisher: Spark Plug Games
Platform: PC
Language: EN
Release: MechRunner-SKIDROW
Size: 534 MB

Download 9xl8y2oj

Go4up [200MB]


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