Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th August 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th August 2016 Empty Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th August 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,

Pina takes her to Cristobal’s house and he grows so shock seeing her with her things and Pina explained things to him and Cristobal looked so sorry for her.
Cristobal takes her to see his mother but Maria continues to cry and Feli asks her to stop crying Because she and his son has already made up their mind to let her stay there as long as she can because she sees her as her daughter.

Georgina discloses to her husband about Vanessa’s lover Didier and Mr. Adolfo Demands that she asks Vanessa to present the guy before him so he can investigate him very well because it may be an opportunist.

Karina suggests to Alejandro to let them take their relationship to the next level but Ale thinks, the relationship is too young for her to think about that since that could only lead them and hurting each other but Karina pleads with him to think about it carefully because she is only suggesting since she can really make him very happy.

Alejandro dreams that Maria looks so poor to the extent that she can’t even afford a plate of food and this leads her to steal fruit in the market the police gets hold of her and the crowd never seizes to say she is a thief.

Cristobal takes all the trash in a vacant room so Maria can stay there with her baby and Zacharias and Inocencio and then the other tenants join to give him a helping hand to do the work to fix the room for Maria and appreciates them for their great love.

Hotensia suggests to Georgina to disclose to her family about her ailment so they will know they only have a little time to spend with their mum but Georgina thinks it’s too late for her to do so since that will only hurt them more and also she doesn’t want to know that her children are only close to her because they pity her.

Alejandro asks for a favour from Marco to give him some money to hire for a detective to look for Maria. Marco thinks he should get the money from his father but Alejandra says that will never happen because her father isn’t willing to give him any money until he is sure that he finishes with his schooling. Marco thinks it’s of no use because all he sees is that he is only obsessed with Maria and so he should stop thinking about her and also if it is only that reason, then he is isn’t giving him any money.

Vanessa visits her friends and after giving them a present, she decides to ask them of Maria so she can also surprise with a gift for her child but to her disappointment, they tell her they kicked her out of their house but as of now the only place they think she went is that so called Professor Cristobal because from the look of things it seems they will even get married very soon because the professor is truly in love with her. Vanessa then left the present for them to give it Pina so she can give it to Maria. Immediately Vanessa left, Ursula calls Pina to give her the gift and she tries being sarcastic towards Maria but Pina put her at her place and she couldn’t believe her eyes that Pina could confront her like that.

Mrs. Feli gathers the tenants together and she requests that they contribute a quota so they can assist Maria with whatever she may need in her room and they all gave gladly even some of the child gave up their savings but Maria thinks she can’t accept the children’s money.

Nicanor meets with Vanessa to reveal to him about where Maria now stays and the man she is now staying with Cristobal Cervantes and Vanessa now could confirm that what her friends said were true.

Alejandro goes to pone his watch so he can get money to hire for the detective since Marco refused to give him the money he demanded.

Pina presents the present to Maria and she thinks that Vanessa is a good woman with a good heart and after opening it they find a nice cute dress for the child and waaooo it looks so nice.

Mrs. Carmina looks into the future for her and daughter and she says Maria has a lot of angels around her and guiding her and she will definitely go far.

After Yolanda hearing from Fausto about Maria who is now going to leave with them at the boarding house, she goes straight to confront Maria to ask her to explain to her what she is doing in the house and Maria looks so nervous.

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