The UNFORGIVABLE episode 9 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 2nd December 2015

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 9 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Post by nyz on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:30 pm

The new telenovela The UNFORGIVABLE (Lo Imperdonable) continues, and in today's episode

Veronica tells martin that there was a time that she felt so afraid of his attacks in fencing and it felt like he hated her and martin asks her if she indeed can give a reason why he should hate her and veronica says she sensed it at first but not anymore since she now realized that he cannot be capable of hurting her and martin becomes nervous. He then tells veronica she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
Claudia tells Alfredo that she is not going to let any woman have martin as easily like that because she will certainly fight for him with the last drop of her blood and no matter what it takes, martin will again be hers and Alfredo tells her to understand that martin isn’t for her anymore.
Father Juan arrives in in Mexico city and he goes straight to see martin at his office to deliver the letter Botel and Magdalene gave him to tell martin about their discovered gold and how they are dare in need of a buyer and upon reaching there Claudia takes father Juan to see martin and all these while they continue to chat, Claudia eavesdrops their conversation and when she heard about the gold that has been discovered and martins positive response of getting a buyer for Botel, she says to herself that martin has to come back to her no matter what he is going to hers again.
Pablo and his girlfriend Mariana travels to mere Escondida’s river bank and she says to pablo that the environment seems so horrible therefore she asked that there is no way she can stay there and so he returns to the city and leaving pablo her boyfriend all by himself to go paint the pictures. Whiles Pablo enters the town of Escondida, his eyes caught up with Ana Perla from a distance and Blanca quickly notices that pablo can’t take his eyes off her friend Ana Perla so she goes quickly to give her her support that they go down to meet him but unfortunately for them just when they were almost closer to pablo, their grandfather Crescencio and Manuel arrives to ask them to go home and pablo had no choice than to depart. Manuel then goes after Pablo to pick on him.
Jorge is into a gold contract with someone but due to the price agreed upon the supplier decides to back out and as it is without the gold too the telephone company of Jorge will go down the drain and in that same vain martin has also arrived at Jorge’s ranch to see veronica so he overheard Jorge and his family and quickly enters the room to tell Jorge that he can actually help be their supplier for the Gold they need without having to lose anything and they all become shock since they never knew martin could have a mining company. Emiliano asks veronica if she knew about martins gold mining company and after she told him she had no idea about that, Emiliano cautions her to be very careful about martin since he can’t be trusted as it seems he is hiding things from her.
Virginia calls for Dr. Fernandez (Virginia’s personal doctor) to come check on her without informing auntie Salma or anyone all because it was a pretense so she misses Fernandez’s as they have a secret relationship between. Auntie Salma takes Dr. Fernandez to check on Virginia and after she left, Fernandez locks the door and they had all the sexual fun in the world.
Veronica and martin go on a horse riding and she tells the whole truth about her background to martin that, she is not a Prado Castelo but her uncle only brought her to their house after the death of her father and seeing that she has no caretaker because her mother also abandon her and run away with another man because her father was an alcoholic who spent his time with prostitutes and never cared about her. so Jorge brought her to his house and gave her his name and ask her to call him uncle and that is how come she is bearing the Prado Castelo name. She then asks martin that she can chose to let go off her after hearing this truth from her since she knows that her uncle will never mention a word of this to him so she chose to say it rather. And martin tells her that he still wants to marry her since he’s gotten to know all he needed to know about her past.
Virginia takes Demetrio’s letter after reading it and taking a look at their picture, memories bounds back to her and she begins shedding tears asking herself why Demetrio failed to make the money quickly as she asked him to and now she doesn’t have him nor Emiliano’s money because Emiliano doesn’t even pay attention to her.

Stay tuned to The UNFORGIVABLE (Lo Imperdonable) on UTV from Mondays - Thursdays at 8:00pm

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