Torchlight II MULTi7-PROPHET

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Torchlight II MULTi7-PROPHET

Post by Admin on Mon May 30, 2016 4:49 am

Torchlight II: Beyond the town of Torchlight lies a world shrouded in adventure and mystery. Guardian-warrior Syl appears in a prophetic dream, summoning the player to the Estherian Steppes. There, you meet with the Destroyer and soon venture across the continent of Vilderan, an exotic frontier besieged by forces of evil. A discovery unfolds, that the Alchemist, following his conquest of dark ember, disappeared on his quest to defeat the unknown corrupted force responsible for destroying the mystical race of Estherians. Aided by Syl, the remaining Estherian Guardians, and clues left behind by the missing Alchemist, you will find yourself battling a powerful enemy that threatens to unravel the elements of the entire world….

Genre: Action
Publisher: Runic Games
Developer: Runic Games
Platform: PC
Language: EN
Release: Torchlight.II.MULTi7-PROPHET
Size: 1.64 GB

Download upgvdhz0 uzq9revd

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