The UNFORGIVABLE episode 28 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 5th January 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 28 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 5th January 2016

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Hello wondeful people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode;

Martin tells Claudia he has to speak with veronica because though they argue sometimes but this time he can really tell how affected veronica has become by his actions. Claudia then asks martin if they are facing problems with their marriage but martin refuses to say nothing and Claudia pleads with him to tell her because she really love him so much.
Martin asks Claudia to sleep in the living room and at that same time, veronica has also asks Nanciyaga to prepare the living room since she prefers to sleep there. Veronica then attacks Claudia that she actually knows that she took long in coming to visit martin and that she hasn’t stop loving him but her enthusiasm is something which surprises. Claudia tells her to understand the fact that he and martin has been very close ever since they were young and even f he is married to her, she will always be there for him. Veronica then sighs to Claudia and warns her that, martin is now a married man and if he never married her (Claudia) in a long time when they were together, she doubt that martin is going to do so now so she is asking her to back off.
Fernandez after attending to the miners he goes to rest in martin’s house and veronica seizes the opportunity to ask Fernandez to check on martin as a cardiologist to know if he has a mental problem or not because lately after their marriage, he’s been behaving abnormal since sometimes martin depicts that he loves her and other times he acts like he wants to kill her and she doesn’t know how to define it if it is jealousy or not and sometimes thinks that may be in his past, he was disappointed by a woman seriously which is why he is not consistent with her. Fernandez then gives her his word by letting martin undergo some test to know exactly what is wrong with him he will let her know so she can allow him to go see a doctor and he promises to do it very secretly without martin having to know anything.
Emiliano continues to insist that he is going to do everything in his power to have veronica to himself immediately he learns that martin is dead but Nicholas sees Emiliano as becoming crazy.
The following morning Claudia goes quickly to Dussage’s hotel to have her breakfast there and to send some fax to Jorge. Dussage the asks her if things are actually going on well with martin and veronica before her return and Claudia tells him that though many are the challenges encountered by couples but martin and veronica’s marriage will not last looking at the situation. Everything seems that, Dussage is indeed in love with Claudia because he prefers to let Claudia stay in his bedroom more than sleeping in one of the hotel rooms and Claudia becomes angry and says he is disrespecting her but Dussage looking so nervous and changes his mind and reluctantly tells her he’s only doing that because he feels she’s a special lady.
The next morning, Fernandez tells veronica that after observing martin throughout the night, he can say point blank that martin has no mental problem and veronica says that she is happy for him though how he treats her sometimes baffles her.
Martin wakes up and prefers to talk things over with veronica concerning Claudia but veronica sees no reason in doing that but martin begs her and says that he hasn’t treated her well for the past days so veronica asks him if from what he’s saying it means he is going to change for the best and martin becomes speechless again. Veronica then tells martin that from how she is seeing things she can specifically tell that he only brought her there to make her suffer and martin as usual covers his answer with anger and ask veronica that it will be best for her to leave him and mina Escondida and be a free woman but veronica still insists on staying because he sees martin is a coward but she is never going to leave than to get to the root of the matter.
Through a conversation with Fernandez, Claudia discovers that, Dussage is a millionaire and so she takes a decision to make friends with him.
Ana Perla insist that pablo goes to Mexico to break up with his fiancée Mariana before they can also be together since they can go on with their relation knowing that pablo is engaged to someone else in the city.
Magdalene goes to see Salma in their house but when she met her absence, she takes the opportunity to speak with Matilde about Veronica. They start their conversation from veronica’s childhood and Magdalene gets to know that veronica and Virginia were both adopted children so she becomes more interested in hearing more of it but unfortunately Jorge enters to distract them.
Veronica goes out to get some fruit and upon her return she discovers from Nanciyaga that martin has gone out and after asking about why he chose to go out, Nanciyaga then discloses to her that, martin left to speak with the spirit which is bothering him and veronica finds it so strange and misunderstands the sayings.
Martin goes to Demetrio’ graveyard and he tells him that he promised him to avenge his death but he can’t anymore since he has fallen deeply in love with veronica and he also loves him very much and it makes him feel guilty. He wants to hate her but the fact is he really loves her. so, he is asking him one more favor whether to love her or to destroy her?

Stay tuned to tonight's Episode of LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE), at 8:00pm

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