The UNFORGIVABLE episode 36 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th January 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 36 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 19th January 2016

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Hello wondeful people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,

After they arrive at the canteen where the show takes place, a guest artist is called on stage to entertain them and to martin and veronica’s surprise, Claudia was their artist for the night and everyone becomes enthused with her singing and throughout her ministration she never seizes to stir at martin and veronica becomes very nervous as well as martin since he thought Claudia has already left to the city as they agreed upon. Veronica then gets desperate as she stands up from her chair to tell martin that she has reached the limit because she can take it again because she only sees that Claudia is only doing it purpose to draw his attention and martin calms her down and assures her that he will certainly talk to Claudia after she is through with the song.
It turns out that Dussage was the one who suggested to the bar owner Medel to allow Claudia sing for the miners and he did everything possible to even get all of her performance dresses. Everyone at the bar grows so happy after her performance and they congratulate and even ask for more. Magdalene goes to ask veronica why she feels so much worried and she explains things to her that Claudia and martin were lovers some time ago but it isn’t that she feels insecure but the point is she hates the act of Claudia trying to do everything just to be near her husband. Martin then decides to talk to Claudia but veronica asks him to stay back and rather allow her do so.
Though veronica in a polite way talked to Claudia to stay away from their lives, she tells her that she has her own life and can chose to do anything with it without having anyone to dictate for her so though martin asked her to leave town she is never going but will stay. Veronica then warns her that if ever she dares to destroy their marriage with her great obsession towards martin, she swears she is going to destroy her with every cent in her. Claudia gets very angry and was just about spilling the beans out her mouth to disclose martin’s real intention of getting married to her but quickly martin steps in to shut her mouth and he tells her that if he has to lose their friendship to be with his wife then that is what he is going to do since he really do love his wife. Claudia tries to create a scandal for the couple so they had no choice than to leave the bar.
Raymunda tells the whole truth to Ana Perla about why his grandfather hates outsiders since Ana feels so worried that Crescencio wishes to marry her off to an unknown person. She tells her that, there was a time one of Crescencio’s sister fell in love with an outsider some time ago and after welcoming the stranger into their home, he pretended to be good at first but later he showed his true colors by stealing all the gold Crescencio discovered and since Crescencio was left without any gold to sell to pay the miners, he was in debt and what was worse was he also impregnated his sister and left her stranded and she became the talk of the town and Crescencio has no choice than to accept to take responsibility over her sister and upon everything she lost her life during delivery and it made Crescencio bitter towards everyone particularly outsiders and Ana Perla then becomes so sad hearing the story.
After veronica and martin reach home, martin decides to fire Claudia but veronica tells him that there is no point in doing so since she knows Claudia needs the work to survive and also it will be too harsh but if he can do anything to transfer her to a different place within the company to make her stay away from them and allow Alfredo to handle things in Mina Escondida it will be perfect.
Crescencio arrives from nowhere to destroy the day since he thinks that the people are encouraging immorality looking at the way Claudia is dressed to entertain the miner, so he therefore takes off his suit and gives it to Claudia to cover herself to look decent and also he is asking her to leave the place and by tomorrow she has to make sure to leave the town with first boat. Manuel seeing that Crescencio is failing to understand many things, he mounts the stage to explain things to him and he agrees to let the mine have fun to release stress.
Julio after Pablo pleaded with him to help him give a letter to Ana Perla, he agrees though he’s also in love with her but he did greatly and he hands the letter over to Ana Perla and whiles she reads the letter, she begins to imagine things like spending time together riding on a horse and kissing and Pablo screaming to the world that he really do love her.
Emiliano wakes up early morning and he says to himself that he can’t wait till the next day because he really needs to see veronica and so he set on his way from pueblo Nuevo to mina Escondida.
Martin decides to go to the mine to fix the spoilt filters but suddenly Nanciyaga arrives to ask martin not to go out because she feels a bad omen but martin states that he is not going to listen to her today since he has many things to do at the mine.
Claudia receives a letter and a flower from Dussage expressing to her how much he really admire her and what he promised her is the exact thing he has executed just to make her happy in mina Escondida and so it is going to be. Claudia grows so happy knowing that Dussage is really interested in her though she is not but her only hope is that, since she is a bit closer to Martin, she is waiting for the bomb of his revenge to explode and when that happens, she is going to be there to heal his wounds to win him back but if it doesn’t go in her favor, she will run back to the “silly” man Dussage’s arms.
Veronica tries everything possible to scrub the floor to get off Demetrio’s blood stain from the floor only for Nanciyaga to arrive to say that that blood will never go away but veronica forgo her words and says to her she is going scrub till the blood goes and whiles in the mood, she breaks her nails and Nanciyaga says to her that it is a sign of bad omen.
Emiliano arrives at mina Escondida through the help of a Good Samaritan and he shows him martin’s house. He enters to see veronica scrubbing the flow and he calls her and veronica quickly run to embrace him and Nanciyaga becomes shock with that passionate hug.

Stay tuned to tonight's Episode of LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE), at 8:00pm!

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