The UNFORGIVABLE episode 47 what to expect on UTV on Monday 8th February 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 47 what to expect on UTV on Monday 8th February 2016

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:36 am

Hello wondeful people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin begins with his brother without mentioning his name and said he took his own life which he never deserved it and veronica becomes surprised and asks why he had to take his own life and just when martin was about disclosing with all the vim within him, Manuel arrives to spoil the show by confronting veronica with a bottle in his hands to hurt her for making his grandfather humiliate him in public. Fear gripped veronica to the max but martin picks up his fencing sword to threaten him to leave and Manuel had no choice than to vanish. After he left, martin tries to continue with the story but veronica looking so nervous asks him to save it since all she needs from him is to hold her tight.
Virginia after eavesdropping Emiliano and Nanciyaga’s chat, she goes to speak with Emiliano after Nanciyaga left to interrogate him on why Nanciyaga made that statement of they being soul mate but he tells her to spare him because she will not even understand it and even if that is so he has no need of explaining anything to her. He then walks out on her to go after Nanciyaga to still enquire the meaning of the soul mate. Nanciyaga after telling Emiliano the meaning, she then tells Emiliano not to worry at all since her heart belongs to a different person who he Emiliano already knows. Emiliano tries to speak but she silences him and asks him to go on his own part and continue his studies as he now has a new heart rid of evil. Emiliano tells her that he is certainly sure they are going to meet again and quickly, Nanciyaga embraces him so passionately.
Mr. Crescencio continues to interrogate Pablo to know his background before giving his consent to him to date his granddaughter and after the interrogation; he becomes pleased and accepts that he goes out with Ana. This brings great happiness to all of his family especially Blanca and Polo. Blanca also takes advantage of Crescencio’s happy mood to ask him if she can also go out to be with Teo but he postpones hers to the next day.
Manuel after being threatened by Martin, he angry goes home to pick up another knife and this time around he tells himself that he is never going to go out unarmed. He then move straight to the canteen to have some drink but the they refuse him and quickly he pulls out his knife to threaten but the canteen lady goes smart ahead of him to subdue him with a bottle and Manuel falls unconscious.
Emiliano arrives and he tells Virginia that he’s done with his mission in Mina Escondida therefore they are returning the next day and Virginia becomes happy and says to herself that is all she wants, no more veronica, Claudia or any one separating her and Emiliano after they leave because if what she is expecting is true about her baby, then that is going to bind them together.
Martin visits Magdalene and he tells her about how her ex-husband’s brother clement wishes to help her find her daughter and she becomes enthused though a bit afraid but she still decides to go to the city to see clement so she can finally know where how she even died. In that same vein, Claudia supposedly goes to speak with martin about work but veronica tells her that he’s gone out and veronica warns her to stay away from them and live them in peace. Claudia then asks veronica if she really thinks that what she has with martin is love because if it were so he would have spill the beans out to her that Demetrio was his brother and that the cottage they are living inside is for Demetrio. Veronica then becomes nervous and furious and realizes that Demetrio was the brother martin was trying to talk to her about. He asks Claudia out of her house and before she leaves, she tells veronica not to get angry with her but rather confront martin about the issue to see if he would have the courage to let all his secrets out.
Virginia tries to convince Dussage to win Claudia over because she really can see that he is truly in love with her as well as she is she will be happy to have a good man like him to herself and this all is to get Claudia’s attention on Dussage, for her to forget about Emiliano as they go back to the city.
Fernandez after Virginia tells him about they leaving Mina Escondida, he cautions her that she can’t go and leave him there alone but Virginia as usual convinces him to stay behind so he can give her update on whatever goes on among her adversaries for her to be also win over Emiliano to get the money she wants to be with him (Fernandez).
Crescencio finally blows the news to Manuel about giving his consent to Pablo and Ana to see each other and therefore does not want to see him coming in between them and the whole thing falls on him as cold water but as insolent as he is, he continue to be rude towards Crescencio and Ana and tells him that he wanted him to die the day he collapsed and regret it never came to pass.
Manuel quickly goes to attack the canteen girl in their house and he hits her and she goes unconscious and before her helpless stroke father, Manuel tries taking advantage of her but in trying to rescue her daughter from Manuel’s hands, he falls and he also collapses. Luckily for the canteen girl, Nanciyaga arrives to threaten Manuel with a knife and he quickly vanished. Nanciyaga then helps her and her father to gain consciousness.
Blanca finally kisses Teo and he stops stammering and Blanca thinks that is the power of love.
Martin after escorting Magdalene to the river bank to leave for Mexico, he returns home to inform veronica about it but since she lays in wait to hearing all of the explanations from martin concerning Demetrio, she refuses to even listen to him about Magdalene and asks martin to tells her everything because right after that she would have to also leave to Mexico. Martin pleads with her not to because he is going to tell her everything since Claudia has told her all but she wants to hear from him. She then asks why he could keep such a secret from her till now and martin gets furious at veronica and asking her to stop pretending that she doesn’t know Demetrio and though Veronica insists on not being with Demetrio, martin still insists that she admits it and stop pretending because he knows that they were lovers.

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