The UNFORGIVABLE episode 96 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 4th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 96 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 4th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Pablo continues pressing on but unfortunately, Perla falls down from the horse and in trying to get down to get her back on the horse, Manuel and Julio arrive to ask him to give them back Perla. They try to escape but unfortunately they reached a slope where Manuel also had just reached there and he distracted them with horse and they rolled down the slope and became helpless whiles Manuel looks so happy. Julio arrives to ask if Manuel has seen them but he lied and said that they escaped (he thought that with the way they rolled down the slope definitely they are by now dead) so they are to return to the house and though Julio tries insisting that they look for them but Manuel commanded him that they leave right away and he goes to lie to his grandpa that Pablo and Perla escaped right under their noses making grandpa so worried since Perla is his favorite granddaughter and thinks that everyone has betrayed him. Emmanuel then promised that he is going to support him and not betray him like te other members have done.
Immediately they left, Pablo and Perla gained consciousness so Pablo looked for a place for her so she can relax her nerves. In entering the summer hat, Perla insists that Pablo takes her home since their escape will only cause harm to her grandfather but Pablo suggests that they get married secretly with help of father Juan before going so that they can be free forever from everyone.
Veronica tells Magdalena that after knowing how Aaron killed his own brother in jail that was when she discovered how awful her mother might have witnessed at the hands of Aaron and therefore she promised her that as of now there is nothing that can separate them again because she is her mother and that is what she will be and this sounded so happy in the years of Magdalena. Whiles having their great excitement moment, Aaron phone in to warn Magdalena that she is not to forget that she is still his and nobody’s because she still have many things installed for both her and veronica and he is going to hear from him very soon. After call, Magdalena becomes so nervous but veronica assures her that she isn’t alone.
Virginia reading the mind of Emiliano that he has really feel disappointed in veronica’s deception, she goes to ask him ones again that he gives her a second chance so they can be together again because she has so much love to give him but Emiliano tells her that he is so hurt to be in love again but he is very grateful for her concern. So she says they should try and be friends to study each other again and by that time they might have fallen for each other and Emiliano accepts but says that he can’t promise her anything.
Veronica goes to visit Aaron in jail and he becomes surprised to see her. Veronica tells him that she cursed the day that she met him. Aaron tells her that it’s a shame for her to say that if she dares know how much he truly love her but it’s just that the way he loves is very different from the usual and if she doubts her she can ask her mother since she experienced his way of loving very much very intensely. Veronica tells Aaron to stay away from Magdalena because now their marriage is annulled and very son she and Botel will be together and Aaron warn her not to meddle in the affairs between her mother and him if not she should count herself dead but she also challenged him that he dare not do anything to Magdalena because if not he is going to see the extent one can go just to defend her mother.
How Virginia got to know of veronica’s password to her computer and her Email is unknown but she is able to dial it to get into her computer and Email to send secret and crucial information pertaining to the corporation to veronica’s client to again tarnish her image concerning the deal about the jewelry contract.
Martin goes to plead with teacher Gabby to help Joaquin clear his name so he can save his marriage since his wife believes that they actually had an affair and teacher Gabby was ready to do that.
Raymunda goes to see Joaquin after her father threw her out and even upon reaching the house she still wouldn’t calm down to listen to anything though according to her she only came there for the sake of her children and also she tells him that though she is going to stay under the same roof with him but their relationship is over since she still believe the lies than believing in her husband.
Julio looks so furious and he goes to tells father Juan that they never saw Pablo and Perla but no matter what he is going to look for them and take revenge on Pablo because had it not being that kidnap Perla would have being his wife since she agreed to marry him and no matter the amount of advice given to him he still refuses to listen.
Martin and Teacher Gabby go to see Raymunda to explain thing but she becomes reluctant but martin calms her down to give her the benefit of the doubt to explain her side so she agreed. Martin then leaves the two to have a talk.
The conversation begins and Raymunda asks if she is going to tell her that she is sorry for what happened between her and her husband but teacher Gabby tells her that she can’t be sorry for something that never happened between them but if her husband would have been a free man without many commitment and without a family he would have been a perfect man for any woman. Because, he is the kind of man she’s dreamt of her whole life but whom she (Raymunda) is about to lose because she is a good person and she only grew fond of him as a friend and admire him very much after knowing how wonderful he expressed his love for her (Raymunda). So all she can tell her is that she has an upright man and therefore shouldn’t let go off him since their children need them together but if she refers to believe the gossip then it means she never loved her husband as she claims. All this while, Blankita and Polo eavesdrop their conversation by hiding under a flower.
Martin goes to warn Manuel that he prays so that thing bad happens to Pablo and Perla if not he should count himself dead. Manuel becomes so angry that after martin descended to his mine, he climb up to push the mountains to fall on him (martin) to end his life but fortunately he was able to escape and immediately sensed that someone might have caused it and that someone is Manuel since it wasn’t easy for the mountains to collapse.
Jorge finally declares to Emiliano that he is going to be the general director of the company and to Virginia he tells her that she is also not going to work under veronica again but be on her own to work for the company and she promised her uncle that he is never going to regret it.
Veronica goes to inform Jorge that martin will be shipping the first Gold very soon. Veronica then ak him why he behave very cold towards her during Matilde’s wake keeping and Jorge replies that its’ because she veronica made them believe that Virginia wasn’t ill but it turns out that she is actually sick and also for making Emiliano raise his hopes on her that something can happen between them also has caused him so dejected and that he (Jorge) can’t forgive her for hurting Emiliano. He then disclose to her that Emiliano is now going to be everybody’s boss and Virginia is not going to work under her again. Veronica then becomes shocked.

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