The UNFORGIVABLE episode 100 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 11th May 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 100 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 11th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
After checking the gold Jorge detects with his check machine that it is not a 100% gold. He never believe his eyes so he calls for a gold expert to also have a check and he arrives to check and he also confirms that they are not gold but stones covered with a bit of gold. Jorge now asks Emiliano what kind of cheats they are dealing with and Virginia without wasting much time gets the upper hand to stress to them that veronica will continue to be a cunning person but the fact is she always proves to be a saint so no one could detect how poisonous she is and that she has always been a victim to veronica.
Emiliano then concludes that he has always not trusted martin and after seeing this they have no choice than to throw him in prison since they are about to losing lots of money if they do not comply with the contract. Jorge then says that martin and veronica have to answer to him for that fraud or suffer the consequences.
Perla wishes to go with Magdalena and Botel to mina Escondida to see her family but Pablo refuses to let her go stating that, he can’t risk losing her again but Perla convinces him to the maximum and therefore he has no choice than to comply.
Crescencio confronts the his community women with his decency matter but they confronts him and ridicule him to go speak decency to the women and men in his family before attending to them because with what Perla did by getting pregnant without being married and what Joaquin did against his wife by flirting with the teacher they need that tuition since there is no bit of dignity left in his family.
Arturo manages to get to mina Escondida to see his princess Blankita and they continue their story from there and discussing about their dreams for the future.
Blankita tries speaking with her mum to allow her to study nursing in the city but Raymunda still stand by her words to not allow her go since her father Crescencio doesn’t agree to it but can allow her study in mina Escondida or pueblo Vuete. Blankita then tells her mum that she is not going to comply just because of a silly consideration her mother has for Crescencio and since she has the support of her father (Joaquin) if it becomes necessary and she still insist on not letting her go she is going to escape to the city to study.
Veronica discloses to martin about meeting Virginia giving a lot of money to Daniel though she never knows what it was for but she guess the anonymous person who called her to meet him could be Daniel.
Jorge and Emiliano present a document to the police officer and after going through it, he issues an arrest warrant against martin and Emiliano says that is the least martin deserves.
Virginia goes to call martin and veronica to Jorge’s office and whiles they go with excitement written on their faces, they are welcomed by frowned faces by Jorge and martin and so they needed to ask the reason. So they tell them about everything about giving out confidential information out to their clients and also shipping a fake gold to them. They try explaining but Emiliano and Jorge refuses to let them since they believe it’s a great deception and therefore martin will be arrested.
Mariana is able to sell all the paintings of Pablo in New York and that worth lots of money so she goes to see Pablo to give the cheque to him and she also shows him a contract that she got for him from different clients who wishes to have more of his paintings in their gallery. Pablo then asks why she continues to help him out and she answers that, she just want to amend things between them since she realized that it was a bad attitude she exhibited and therefore wants them to be friends and promise not to win his life again but pablo refuses telling her that he knows she will make their friendship later turn into love.
Mariana then asks him to then think about the contract and sign so they can go to New York for the exhibition but pablo tells her he can’t go because he has something valuable that ties him to Mexico and therefore won’t leave. After Mariana left, Pablo’s mother speaks to him to reconsider things since now he will be having many responsibilities to cater for which will require a great sum of money after his child is born.
Joaquin speaks to polo that he wishes to go to the city to make life meaningful for himself since he can’t stand the embarrassment coming from the community but he gives him a message to tell his mum that he will be sending her money so she can take care of them. Polo becomes so devastated and upon reaching home, he also packs his things and writes a goodbye letter for his mum telling her that he can’t also stand seeing his mum treating their father like a trash so he is also leaving far away with his dog to look for a family where they love each other.
Father Juan gathers the church to speak to them to stop spreading a malicious lie against Joaquin and teacher Gabby because what they have done and still doing is gradually tearing a great family apart and that is something that brings the wrath of God on people because no one has the right to condemn.
Martin calls Botel to tell him about the gold and the problem astake and therefore he has to investigate to know how their gold turned into a tombstone. After the call and Emiliano ridiculing martin and veronica to be fraud couples of the moment, the police arrive to arrest martin. Veronica tries everything possible to let Jorge give them time to investigate but Jorge and the rest fails to listen to her.
Botel goes quickly to speak with Lorenzo and Joaquin as to why they change the gold for a tombstone. Lorenzo then reveals to botel that whiles they were shipping the gold the driver gave him a strong drink to take and he slept like a log in the car and it could be that time they changed the gold so that he wouldn’t notice. Botel then asks them to go quickly to look for the guy.
Grandpa Crescencio after drinking the poisoned coffee Manuel gave him; it affects him severely and almost arrives at the point of dying. He calls Manuel to tell him not to hurt Perla but at the same time Botel, Magdalena and Perla arrive in mina Escondida and Perla go to see her grandpa but he refuses to speak with her and Manuel pulls her out to go away because she is the cause of Crescencio’s suffering but whiles asking her out father Juan arrive to plead with Crescencio on behalf of Perla but he still refused.
After father Juan left, Manuel pretends feeling so hurt for Crescencio and telling him to forgive him for causing so much pain to him. Crescencio tells him that, in all his family he Manuel is the one who never betrayed him but he regrets one things and that is he wasn’t able to change his WILL into his (Manuel) name and that means Perla still will inherit half of the inheritance whiles her husband will also have the rest. Manuel then grows angry inwardly at himself and grandfather. Manuel then comes out to sack Perla out without letting her to speak with her grandpa.
Virginia calls veronica’s client Serbata right away to inform him that the company doesn’t have any gold to do the collection since it turned out that the gold they shipped was fake and this information was in exchange for money. She sits in Jorge’s chair and begins to dream that very soon she will be the one sitting in that chair. Fortunately or unfortunately for her, she sees the document bearing the investigation Jorge conducted to know the past of Salma and as she reads through it, she discovers that Salma is her real mother. She then says to herself that it can’t be.

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