Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 21st May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 21st May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Valeria’s Doctor calls Cristóbal to inform him that Valeria wants to get rid of her pregnancy and the reason for his worry is if she does that she is going to lose her life considering how old the pregnancy is which is 12months old and the doctor confirms that it even contradict his calculations. Cristobal quickly tells the doctor that if the pregnancy is 12weeks then old then the child is not his counting from the time Valeria said they slept together. Cristobal then thanked him the doctor and left quickly to Humberto’s house to confront Valeria but unfortunately he didn’t meet her.
Again, Valeria goes Sanmegel to further see a different doctor for the abortion and she also refused her with same reason of 12weeks old which can lead her death.
The day arrives for father Jeronimo to go and lulu cries all her eyes out but he consoles her and suddenly the new parish priest enters and father Jeronimo introduces lulu to him as his assistant.
The police brings the report to Aldonza that after the investigations on the bullet found in her father’s remains, it was detected that it came out of Severiano’s gun. Emmanuel then suggests to Aldonza that they accuse Severiano or file a complaint against him but she tells Emmanuel to forget because that is only going to tarnish their mother’s image since her Adelina and Severiano told her that it was her mother who shot her father because if they file that complaint Severiano will blow the secret to the police and that will not help at all.
Cristobal confronts Valeria on the pregnancy and looking so nervous she first asks him if his father was the one who told him Cristóbal then asks her if his father knew about the pregnancy and she grew nervous again and she tries denying the truth about her pregnancy but he warns her to stop lying and added that he actually pity her so much and again caution her not to try fooling him again because her doctor has told him that the child is 12weeks old which contradicts to the time they supposedly slept together.
Right from there Cristóbal again goes to confront his father as to why he never told him the truth surrounding Valeria’s pregnancy and Severiano says to him that he just got to know and even compelled Valeria to tell him and through their conversation Severiano announces to him indirectly but Cristóbal quickly figures the father of the child out as Abelardo and Severiano answers YES.
Cristobal from There Goes to Inform Humberto about the Secrets Surrounding Valeria’s Pregnancy and It Comes to Him as a Great Shock.
Silvia gives her resignation letter to Renato so she can go look for herself without having to lean on someone to gain happiness. Renato wanted to stop her but no matter the amount of words coming from him; Silvia’s mind is already made up.
Father Jeronimo give his car key to Melesio to give it back to Severiano since he is leaving elsewhere and upon arriving home, Melesio gives the keys to Severiano and looking so angry towards the act, he tells Melesio that Jeronimo is really ungrateful.
Cristobal, Aldonza and Emmanuel go to bid farewell to father Jeronimo as he leave that evening and surprisingly all of the people of Santa Lucia also arrive with their lanterns in their hands to wish him farewell and the day become a sad day for them since tears flow down especially for Aldonza.
In that same vein, candela was also praying in her closet for father Jeronimo and shedding tears since she is really going to miss father Jeronimo so much.

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