he UNFORGIVABLE episode 107 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 24th May 2016

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he UNFORGIVABLE episode 107 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 24th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin helps veronica to pack all of her things from the corporation to begin her jewelry collection somewhere and Jorge ask her why so veronica explains to both Jorge and Emiliano that she doesn’t want to work for the corporation anymore since they do not trust her. Jorge then discloses to her that their client has even cancelled the contract and therefore there is no client who could be interested in the jewelry collection again but to their surprise, a lady arrives from nowhere to tell them that, she and her company are interested in their collection.
After they sit to discuss about her being interested in the collection she seizes the opportunity to plead with veronica not to stop working in the company because she actually loves her collection very much and veronica decides not to quit. She again asks martin if she can set an appointment with him so they could go out to have discussing on some construction business she would also like to come up with and from the look of things one could tell that this new lady Rebecca is interested in martin and veronica just takes a careful look at her giving out a hard smile. Martin then asks her to set the day and Rebecca prefers that very day’s evening so they can have that dinner with veronica but she refuses to join since she has some assignment to do but she gives them the go ahead to have the dinner.
Manuel confronts Pablo to get out his house because he has no reason being there but after Pablo discloses to him that he has every reason to be there to seek for his wife, Manuel then grows nervous since he recollects his grandpa stating that half of his inheritance goes to the man who will marry Perla. So he begins to challenge Pablo on how they got marriage and he spills it out to him that it was a secret wedding. Pablo then tells him that he is going to report him to the authorities in pueblo vuette about making Perla escape from mina Escondida so that he can rot in prison.
Perla’s madam returns from town to meet her clothes still not iron by Perla and she attacks her and starts to pull her hair but she gathers courage and pushes her madam to the floor and run away from the house and straight to hide in the market and bumps into Blankita and she takes her home. Blankita then asks her to call pablo to speak with him about all that is happening to see if he can help but Perla still thinks there is no need since pablo left her to be with Mariana.
Detective Adolf arrives in mina Escondida to help with investigation on Perla and also with gold mold to get the fingerprint of Manuel and upon reaching the parish, father Juan and Pablo gives their support to help him after telling them his mission.
Jorge speaks with martin to forgive him of all the harm he’s caused him and also to help him to speak also to veronica to forgive him for doubting her integrity because he truly loves her very much and can’t stand to lose her also as he’s lost other members of his family. Martin then asks him to calm down and give veronica a bit of time since she is just hurt and after she overcomes that, she will certainly forgive him.
Daniel meets with Virginia to put ideas together as how they are going to end the life of veronica which they think will be needing a third party who is a lady to support them so that there will be no traces in veronica’s death after he Daniel has sold the video to veronica and Virginia agrees to speak with the lady so she doesn’t mess things up. Virginia meets with the lady their third party and she bribes her with a huge amount.
Rebecca goes with veronica to take a look at some of her designed collections and truly she becomes enthused with them and she asks veronica if she and martin has worked together for so long because he is a very interesting man, handsome with so many qualities and veronica explained in detailed that, not working together only but always together and due to all those qualities that is why she made him her husband and suddenly Rebecca becomes anxious with a difficult smile.
Manuel seeing how furious and desperate Pablo looked when he mentioned something about going to report him to the police, Manuel calls his Forman Juan Cho to testify on behalf of him that he never went out that very day because he was with him with a lot of money.
Manuel goes to eject Joaquin from their house stating that he is the owner now because it was his grandpa who gave him the lone to build it but since he wasn’t able to repay the loan it means it is for him now and doesn’t care whether his family is included. Joaquin tells him to stop the nonsense because he settled all those loans but basing on the trust between him and Crescencio he never took a receipt for it but Manuel says he has to prove it to the authorities with documents since he has his own document to prove that he never settled that loan. So Joaquin and his family have no choice than to leave vacate the house for Manuel.
To be able to have pablo live in New York without having any excuse, Mariana speaks with the owner of the gallery to help pablo to get a well furnished apartment that will make him stay there so he will also think of making life meaningful in the city without thinking of going back to Mexico and the man agrees to do exactly that so that pablo will also become a great international painter.
Adolf smartly awaits Manuel at a corner and deliberately asks him to show him a place since he’s lost his way and he does everything possible to get his finger print by intentionally making his spectacle to fall on the ground and quickly Manuel picks it up for him and that’s it.
Joaquin overhears Lorenzo speaking with martin on phone and he pleads with him to let him speak to him and he begs him to help him to get an apartment since Manuel has kicked them out and martin asks him to speak with Lorenzo to give him money and not to worry about settling him back. He then thanked martin for everything.
Daniel and Virginia sharing fun in bed as usual and Manuel phone in to tell Virginia that he misses her so much and so he is telling her that he’s plan on coming over to Mexico to see her and Virginia tells him that is going to be splendid. After the call, Daniel grows jealous and questions her who she spoke with and Virginia lies that it was one of her client but Daniel knowing who Virginia is, he warns her that if she dares cheat on him, he is going to make her pay.
Martin and veronica go quickly to inform Magdalena and Botel about the release of Aaron so they can take the needed precautions and Magdalena grows so nervous.

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