Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 23rd January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 23rd January 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Melesio and the other workers set the horses out and since Melesio is still not feet he becomes very dizzy whiles riding on one of the horse and unfortunately he falls down and Cristobal tries to go help him up but he unfortunately gets his leg stuck in the fence and becomes brutally injured by stepping on it accidentally. All the workers and everyone help to take Cristobal to the hospital.
Aldonza filled with so much grieve hands over her ring to Adelina to keep it for her since looking at it every day comes as a torture to her and after the divorce she will make sure to give it to Cristobal and Adelina agrees to keep it safe for her.
Renato seeing how Silvia feels bad about how he is handling the divorce proceedings, he speaks with her to understand him and not to feel hurt because he is not only doing it for the possibility of winning her over but Aldonza will never forgive her (husband) Cristobal for sleeping with his ex-girlfriend and that is what he has proven because he kissed Aldonza and she never rejected it and Silvia becomes very much hurt.
Joaquin organized some workers and he introduces them to Aldonza that they are the men who are going to help them start with the farms and she becomes so happy that at last she can raise the dream of her late parents again. Joaquin takes the opportunity to advise her that she can still back out if she wishes to because there may be risk involve in the agricultural business but Aldonza still insists that it is better to try and lose something than to back out without getting any experience but she has the hope and faith that all will be well and Joaquin becomes so enthused with Aldonza’s faith and boldness. So they all go to the land to work and Adelina decides to go with them and upon reaching there, Joaquin asks Adelina about her answer towards his proposal and Adelina accepts that they take their relationship to the next level and happiness becomes the order of the day for both.
Severiano arrives at the hospital looking so disturbed after hearing that his son has been taken to the intensive care. Melesio tries explaining things to him but he becomes so furious and asks him to shut his mouth and never wants to see him at the hospital since he is the cause of his son’s situation by allowing him to do the work he is rather to do. Candela tries to calm Severiano down but nothing will make him change his mind and he still insists that Melesio leaves.
Emmanuel goes to inform Aldonza about Cristobal’s accident and quickly Aldonza decides to go with him since she is still his wife or better still his half-sister and Adelina pleads with Emmanuel to take good care of her. Father Jeronimo also arrives after Emmanuel and Aldonza had left and Adelina informs him so he also goes after them to see Cristobal.
Humberto after attending to Cristobal, he reports to Severiano that, he has a deep born in his leg, with several veins endangered leading to a great loss of blood therefore he has to get operated on but he isn’t an expert on such surgery issues and the point is by flying him also involves many risk since he may actually not survive so Severiano insists that he do everything possible to save him and in return will give him the el-Santuario land he has always wished for and even with that Humberto still refuses but after several insisting from Severiano, he agrees to do it but can’t promise them a good feedback and he asks them to make sure to get blood donors since he will be losing more blood during the surgery.
Melesio goes home blaming himself so much for being the cause of Cristobal’s predicament as Severiano said and there is no amount of comfort from Dominga and Lola that seems to encourage him to hold back his torture but they still did their best to calm him down.
Thomas goes to fetch water and he bumps into the ladies he had a chat with at the poolside and they ask him to go with them to a night club so upon Thomas’ return, whiles he enjoys dinner with Prudencia, he misses her drink with overdose sleeping tablets whiles Prudencia leaves to get water and she comes back and she sips her drink and with a minutes dizziness catch up with her and she dosed off and Thomas takes her to the bedroom and then dresses up to meet with ladies to enjoy at the club. Prudencia wakes up still feeling dizzy and she goes about screaming Thomas’ name but fortunately for her just when she was about falling into the pool, her friend Teres arrives with her husband to rescue her and take her to the hospital.
After Aldonza and Emmanuel arrives at the hospital, Severiano, candela and Valeria do everything possible to ask them to go away and Severiano even tries hitting Aldonza but Emmanuel defends her and warn him not to dare or he will have him to contend with and together with Aldonza, they put the three of them in their place and left them ask Humberto concerning Cristobal’s situation to sit outside to get feedback on the surgery.
In a while father Jeronimo also arrives and candela never seizes to hold back her tears and she also tells him they need blood donors to replace the loss blood and he offers to donates his. So by coming out he sees Aldonza and Emmanuel sitting outside and he tells them about the blood donation and they both offered to donate but before they agree to go to the church to pray for him to get well soon since she can’t help it if he dies.
Whiles Emmanuel console Aldonza at the church since she continues to cry for Cristobal that he never dies if not she will never know what will come off her, his mouth slips and he tells her that Cristobal is never going to die much less now that they are so close to discover that they are not siblings. Aldonza then enquires why he stated that and though finding it difficult; he reveals to her that he helped Cristobal to enter her bedroom to cut some of her hair to do the DNA test since she refused to do it willingly.

CATCH tonight's episode of La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV at 8:00pm

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