Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 22nd May 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 22nd May 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Cristobal, Aldonza and Emmanuel go to bid farewell to father Jeronimo as he leave that evening and surprisingly all of the people of Santa Lucia also arrive with their lanterns in their hands to wish him farewell and the day become a sad day for them since tears flow down especially for Aldonza. In that same vein, candela was also praying in her closet for father Jeronimo and shedding tears since she is really going to miss father Jeronimo so much.
Father Jeronimo then seizes the opportunity to thank them all for their great love and affection shown towards him and though he is leaving, but will always remember them always.
Severiano seeing how flourishing Aldonza’s farm looks just within few moments, he also seizes their absence in el-Santuario to wish Jeronimo farewell and he sends Havier to destroy the farms with some chemical and the next day the farms looks like a desert making Aldonza, Emmanuel and Lola so worried with Carmelo blaming himself for not being vigilant but they easily detect that it was Severiano. Whiles checking on the field, Cristóbal arrives and Emmanuel tells him about the nice surprise his father has given them and this time around he never disbelieve but promised them that he is going to pay for all the damages.
After Cristóbal told Humberto about how Valeria has been deceiving them all this time with her pregnancy, he grows so furious and suddenly he goes home to confront his daughter for making a fool out of everyone that the child is Cristobel’s when it is rather Abelardo’s. She even got the gut to ask her father to help her get rid of the child to prevent any disgrace but Humberto warns her that whether she likes it or not, she is going to have that child born.
Cristobal goes to speak with his mum that he is leaving the house to stay elsewhere because after knowing the truth surrounding Valeria’s pregnancy that the child is Abelardo’s and since there is no doubt that they (father and mother) knew something about it and still wanted to push it on him. Candela then becomes shocked since that is her first time of knowing that and wonders how Valeria could deceive the like that.
Mary after knowing the good intension Lola has towards her family after paying for her mother’s debt she owned the microfinance, she regrets of all the harm she’s caused her and Emmanuel. So finally, she blows the whole secret to her parents that Emmanuel has never being her boyfriend and that she only framed that entire she said to just separate the two due to jealousy. Her parents then become so furious and disappointed in her as they begin to recollect their confrontation with Emmanuel even going to the extent of beating him to death.
Candela angrily goes to Humberto’s house and upon seeing Valeria; she quickly slaps her severally for lying to her and being a cheap prostitute more than Aldonza. She then takes back Cristobel’s engagement ring from her and then warns her not to step her foot into her house ever again.
Silvia packs all her belongings and bids Renato and Patricio goodbye and Renato again tries to convince her to stay but she still insists and left with Renato looking so depressed.
Thomas goes to tell the truth about Valeria’s pregnancy to Uriel and his family that the child is Abelardo’s and not Cristobel’s as they have made them to believe. The news comes to them as great news stating that finally the Lord has filled the vacancy they had.
Cristobal finally tells Aldonza about who the real father of Valeria’s child is and she, Emmanuel and Lola become shocked to know that. He then takes the opportunity to plead with Aldonza that they be together but she says “NO” since his father did something awful to her that his closeness makes her to remember Severiano always but she refused telling the truth and Lola compels her to spill it out and Aldonza gathers the courage to let the secret out that his father abused her sexually and one could tell how rage fills Cristobal’s face.

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