Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 4th June 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 4th June 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Rogelio comes to see Aldonza with Valeria's offer to let Aldonza continue to stay at El-Santuario if she changes her testimony. I love how Aldonza lets him run his arrogant mouth by informing him that she and Emmanuel are the sole owners of El Santuario. She hands over a copy of Humberto's will. Carmelo then tosses Rogelio out of the place. Rogelio the goes to see Valeria in jail and informs her that Humberto changed his will before he died and Aldonza and Emmanuel are the owners of El Santuario. She drops heavily to the concrete bench while Prudencia chat about the impossibility of this turn of events. Valeria speaks aloud as Prudencia tries to comfort her, “I always treated him so badly . . . I killed him and I will have to live with that until my dying day!”
Later we see Valeria lying down in her cell when her private hellish thoughts are interrupted by an insistent thump. She sits up and . . .AAAAGH! Her father, Humberto is standing outside her cell, his eyes blackened! Valeria screams and instantaneously he is in the cell sitting next to her, his presence shockingly real as he watches her silently. She screams that he is dead, he should leave! Two guards rush in and restrain her while a white coat dressed Doctor Plunges a syringe into her arm leaving her mumbling and sprawled on the cement block bed.
Renato says goodbye to Patricio and He goes to Silvia’s apartment and is informed by her former housekeeper that she has left for Europe. A hangdog Renato goes home where his father greets him and he berates himself for being an imbecile who didn’t recognize that the woman of his dreams was right in front of him all these time and now he has lost her! Renato’s father counsels him to relax, to give it time. He thinks Renato will find her and win her back.
Lola goes to see Patricio shortly after Renato’s departure and Lola catches him up and finally a coffee date where Lola pays attention! Anyway, Lola agrees to intervene with Mary and convince her to give Patricio a chance. When she finds out from Patricio that Aldonza and Cristobal didn’t divorce she runs off excitedly and Patricio is exasperated because they hadn’t worked out the details of her talk with Mary. Lola marches over to Mary’s and basically tells her to shut up, listen and do as she tells her: Go find Patricio, tell him you love him and if he asks you to marry him; you better accept if you know what’s good for you. Mary listens, nods dutifully and cries happy tears after Lola has left her house.
Lola brings Don Arnoldo Medina and grandson to Miss Maga’s Candy Shop. Lola and grandson leave them alone as the two hug and clear up what happened so long ago: Maga didn’t show up to their date because she didn’t look in the candy house to see his letter of proposal or the ring. I’m sorry, but this is frickin’ stupid! Even worse than putting the engagement ring in a glass of wine. In both cases, the proposals were shat on! Arnoldo asks and Maga accepts his proposal of marriage. Enjoy the kiss, people; this is as good as it gets today.
In Cristobal’s singular happy moment of the day he rushes up behind Dominga and gives her a big hug and tells her that Aldonza just could not live without him: they didn’t divorce! Of course, Dominga is ecstatic. Candela rains on this little ray of sunshine by bemoaning the fact that Cristobal didn’t come to her with the happy news. Cristobal’s face has fallen as he turns to his mother. Candela offers weakly that it pleases her to see him happy and Cristobal tells her he doesn’t believe her and walks away without touching her. Candela cries to Dominga that she really is trying but it’s hard to let go of a hate that one has held on to for so long about Aldonza.
Night has fallen and Severiano, hiding out on the grounds of el-Santuario, gives Havier some orders we don’t hear. Inside the house Emmanuel is with Aldonza as she admires her wedding dress when the lights go out. Emmanuel goes out to investigate, leaving Aldonza in the house. Carmelo is outside on the grounds of el-Santuario with a flashlight also wondering what is amiss about the light. Javier puts a gun to Carmelo’s head and orders him to come with him. Emmanuel goes to the fuse box and checks it out while Aldonza, holding a candle, gazes at a picture of Adelina and lovingly touches her escapula. Aldonza flashes back to when Emmanuel gave her Mr. Antonio’s gun. She retrieves it from a drawer and goes out to look for Emmanuel, calling his name. Oh no! Severiano knocks Emmanuel out and then hides in the darkness, taking out a chloroform-soaked rag. He grabs Aldonza as she walks past and she is overcome and out cold! Severiano barks to Javier to get the car and Carmelo is still alive and Severiano yells at him to shut up or he will die! Javier puts Aldonza in the trunk of the car while Severiano points his gun at Emmanuel’s head and curses that his birth ruined his life, but leaves him unconscious on the ground. Severiano drives off and Carmelo tries to get up but Javier knocks him out again.
Cristobal calls the police officer to see if there is any news of Severiano but there is none. The police officer reluctantly accepts Cristobal’s offer to try to talk Severiano down from the madness. Candela is with Cristobal in the study and shares her doubt that Severiano will listen because he’s desperate and a coward but he’ll die first before he’ll give himself up to the police! Cristobal has got to try!
Javier still has the gun on Carmelo and Emmanuel, who is beginning to wake up. Javier is on the phone with Severiano who, for some reason is asking him where he is and in the same vein Aldonza starts screaming bloody murder from the car boot. So, Severiano orders Javier to kill Emmanuel and Carmelo but he doesn’t want to. Severiano growls to do it already before it’s too late. Picking up on Javier’s reticence, Carmelo tries to talk him out of shooting them: he’s not a killer, he shouldn’t dirty his hands with their blood, and he should give Carmelo the gun. Javier refuses, yells for them to get up and marches them a few steps where he forces them on their knees. Carmelo knocks Javier to the ground but is shot in the chest! Emmanuel outwit Javier and knocks him out! Oh no! Carmelo is hurt badly and Emmanuel cries out his name and asks if he’s okay. ohh no!
Cristobal and Candela are still in the study when he gets a phone call from Emanuel who yells the awful news that Severiano knocked him out, shot Carmelo and has kidnapped Aldonza! He must come, they are at El-Santuario. Cristobal is on his way and grabs the hand cannon in Severiano’s desk! Cristobal is going to look for Severiano and he swears if he has touched Aldonza, he’s going to kill him! Candela freaks and doesn’t want him to leave with the gun! She wants the police to handle it and physically bars the door to the study! He puts the gun back on the desk and leaves, ordering her to call an ambulance to go to El-santuario!
A few minutes later, the ever faithful Dominga comes into the study with tea, bread and comfort: everything will work out fine. Candela thinks she’s too optimistic! It’s not optimism, it’s faith! The Virgin of Carmen will protect Aldonza and Cristobal! No, if Severiano does something to Aldonza, Cristobal will kill him: he loves her too much. Well, finally, Dom observes, Candela understands that. Dom wonders where they are looking for Severiano because she doesn’t think he’ll go back to Alvatrie’s house though, “. . . like they always say, the murderer always returns to the scene of the crime.” Dominga exits with the rejected tea as she says this and Candela’s face lights up with a bolt of recognition! Candela doesn’t share what’s she’s thinking but tells Dominga to tell Lola, who has just entered the living room, what has just happened: Severiano has kidnapped Aldonza!
Cristobal arrives at ES. Carmelo is alive but bad, real bad. Emmanuel is attentive, refusing to leave his side and cradling his head in his lap. Javier lies near them on the ground, still groggy. Cristobal jumps off his horse and puts the guns to Javier’s head, demanding to know where Aldonza is! The police arrive, lights blazing, illuminating the crazed Cristobal and the surely pissy wet Javier. They demand that Cristobal put down the gun and eventually convince him to do so. The Police take Javier away and Cristobal tells them about the kidnapping. Cristobal stays with Emmanuel and Carmelo until the ambulance arrives. They rush over, stabilize Carmelo’s neck and load him onto the stretcher and take off!
Severiano has taken Aldonza to the barn where Raymundo was killed that fateful night. He kicks Aldonza in the butt, she falls to the ground and he tells her they will be there for a long time. Let’s remember old times, he whispers as he smells and licks her face, she cries and begs. She tells him Cristobal will kill him and he goes ballistic and yells at her to shut up and leave his son out of it! He slimes her face, goes for her neck and tells her she is beautiful. She begs but continues to laugh at her. He pushes her to the floor and puts the gun to her neck. He tells her he is going to end her problems for ever. He drags her up and tells her to be pretty for him and starts to slime her again.
Lola and Dominga get to the clinic, no one has arrived yet and that makes them is worried about Emmanuel. The stretcher arrives with Carmelo and Emmanuel in a wheelchair. Both are taken back to the emergency room! Later Lola gets an update from the Doctor that Carmelo is in a delicate situation but no major organs were hit but artery was damaged, however, and he lost a lot of blood but he will recover. Emmanuel suffered a contusion but no fractures. He will be dizzy and confused and they want to observe him for twenty four hours. Lola goes in to see him and smothers him with kisses and Emmanuel tries to leave because He has to protect Aldonza. Lola has a hard time of it but convinces him to stay at the hospital.
Father Jeronimo arrives at El-Santuario by cab and gets out calling for Carmelo and Aldonza. He enters the dark house, finding the door open. A feeling of foreboding invades his heart as he continues to call their names.
Cristobal rounds up a group at Las Animas and gives them orders “Don’t provoke Severiano and don’t hurt Aldonza no matter what!” and they divide up strategically. Jeronimo calls Cristobal, learns what has happened and will be on his way to Las Animas!
Severiano asks if Aldonza knows the place they are and he discloses to her that, that is where your father died. He asks if she wants to know exactly how things happened. She tells him to go to hell because what she knows is enough. She knows that her mom killed her dad to defend him. He laughs. No, is that what your aunt told you?
“No, you know me very well. You know how I handle things.” He slimes her in the mouth and continues. “Your father died of two gunshots; the first from me and the second from your mother.” He suddenly jumps up, pushing Aldonza away. “You have no idea what wonderful times Roberta and I spent here. We fed on each other’s passion. It was our secret until your damned father discovered us!” This sickening soliloquy is accompanied by flashbacks that we know so well.
She calls him a murderer and tells him to shut up, he yells louder, pointing the gun at her head again. She cries and he starts to beg for her forgiveness. “It’s important for you to know exactly how things happened before you and I say goodbye.” Aldonza cries as he renews his oral assault on her neck and even her cleavage. Just when you think it can’t get more perverse, he rubs the gun over her face suggestively mocking her and in the same vein; we see Cristóbal approaching the place and almost close.
Aldonza tries to reason with Severiano, that he’ll be jailed if they get him. No. The issue is the two of them. “The first time we were together you didn’t want to cooperate. I realized you need passion. . .” Aldonza throws straw in his face and kicks him in the nuts and pulls Mr. Antonio’s gun on him! Instead of shooting the bastard she begins to taunt him! “The only way you know how to be with a woman is to rape her, you disgusting pig! The only thing you awaken in me is violent nausea and pity. Start praying because this time nobody is going to save you!” Kneeling, clutching his bruised jewels he growls painfully that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

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