Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 12th August 2016

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:41 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Carlos arrives at the hospital first without meeting Isabella so he goes quickly to see Isabella’s supposed doctor with the pregnancy scan and pregnancy certificate given Isabella gave her but the doctor discloses to him that though he has his signature on the certificate but it is a forged signature since he knows no pregnant woman with Name Isabella Deleon that means the certificate is a fake one.
The Doctor called his assistant nurse Josephina to enquire from her Isabella is and because he doesn’t remember attending to this patient least to think of signing this pregnancy certificate for her. She then revealed that she was the one who did it because she was paid to forge his signature.
Fernanda goes for an interview in the best musical school so she can have an admission there to study music and she looks so happy. In that same vein, Luis also through his Detective Solórzano gets hold of Fernanda’s information of having to have the chance to go for an interview in this great musical school due to her academic record but Luis decides to terminate her admission through a friend who is part of the school’s board of directors and destroys her career as a payback for making him lose in court.
Fernanda goes for the interview by playing the violin with all the strength and flur in her and the authorities thinks her techniques was splendid but unfortunately she can’t be admitted because she wasn’t able to pass her written examination and since the academy maintains high standards they can’t disregard that position of admission stand and Fernanda grows so downhearted and upon arriving home Pedro meets her with happiness but he was disappointed after Fernanda gave him the news but he encouraged her not to give up because God knows the best and it is just a setback but she will definitely sail through since they only motivate people to have experience in life to move on without turning back. He then suggests to her to take up the journalism course in Las Esperance University and then apply for the musical academy.
Most of the students come back to apply for their university courses in their formal school Las Esperance to write their entrance exams and some made it through whereas others couldn’t.
Carlos sits with Felipe at the bar in sorrow and he discloses to him about Isabella’s fake pregnancy and Felipe becomes so disappointed in Isabella for stooping so low to just get the attention of his friend. Carlos then drinks all the alcohol in the world and he decides to confront Isabella. In that same vein, Fernanda calls Cesar to pick her so she can go over to speak with Isabella in her house about Carlos as they planned and Cesar then arrives to escort her to the place.
However, that moment Carlos has arrive at Isabella’s house to confront her on the issue but since he was very drunk Isabella managed to lead him arguably to her bedroom and unfortunately he slept off. Very lucky for Isabella but unluckily for Fernanda, she arrives and Isabella tells her that she and Carlos can never breakup and she even has evidence to back her claim so straight away, she took Fernanda to her bedroom to see for herself Carlos comfortably sleeping on her bed and Fernanda become more disappointed in Carlos.
Pedro confronts Luis to stay away from Amelia and not to try bothering her again but Luis thinks he has every right to see his daughter because biologically he is her father but Pedro challenged him to stop saying nonsense because he lost that right immediately he abandoned Amelia and her child 19yrs ago and took upon him that responsibility and over his dead body will he meet Fernanda and Luis says to him that he is a lawyer and he will definitely use the law to get Fernanda back and Pedro then hit him cautioning him that his daughter is not an object and therefore doesn’t belongs to anyone but him and he has seen that Luis has no bit of shame to even make claims over something he rejected therefore he is giving him the go ahead to sue him.
Mariana tells Amelia that, their father wishes to see her and granddaughter because she was the one who compelled him to look for her but before that, she has to bring Fernanda to meet Luis and also the fact is, their father’s health is now delicate that he is experiencing the sickness of forgetfulness which incurable and Amelia looks so worried.

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