The UNFORGIVABLE episode 39 what to expect on UTV on Monday 25th January 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 39 what to expect on UTV on Monday 25th January 2016

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Martin whiles going home bumps into Emiliano ones again and he warns him to stay away from veronica. Emiliano takes the opportunity to tell martin that nothing happened between him and veronica but it was just that he was a bit drunk to the extent that Fernandez was the one who brought him there and never knew what he was doing with veronica so, he should not be unfair to her. Martin then becomes confused about the whole thing but he still tells Emiliano that he is to stop dreaming that veronica will one day breakup with him to be with him (Emiliano) but Emiliano again tells him that he is going without returning for the sake of veronica so that he will not have problems with her again and also shouldn’t doubt veronica’s love for him so he is asking him to settle things with her.
Pablo and Crescencio still pleading with him to allow him court Ana Perla but Crescencio still resists as usual though Pablo brings out his intention of marrying her but he tells him that his granddaughter has already being promised to his godson to marry and therefore should forget about her.
Nanciyaga arrives just immediately after martin left Emiliano and she warns him not to try harming her boss if not hell will break lose and martin asks her why she speak about martin as if she is in love with him and she tells him that it is just that she always wants to see him protected and not even will she allow veronica to harm him so if he wants he can take his cousin away with him. Emiliano then takes the opportunity to plead with her to take him to her community since he wishes to know more about them but she refuses.
Virginia and Fernandez enjoy their first love making at pueblo Nuevo hotel and after he tells her about Emiliano’s drinking situation, she discloses to him that that is how she wants Emiliano to be behaving so that she can manipulates him how she wants. But she becomes angry after he tells her that he took Emiliano to martin’s apartment whiles he felt so drunk and as suggested by Claudia so Virginia says to him that he shouldn’t have done that because Emiliano will definitely cause problems for the couples and that is what she is trying to prevent so she can win Emiliano over but she will try to clean any mess he’s caused. They receive a fax message from Jorge that he is coming there to pick them up but quickly she replies him fast that there is no need for him to come since she (Virginia) has everything under control and so Jorge hold back his travelling.
Whiles martin sets on his way to settle things with veronica, Lorenza run after him to call him back to the mine to attend to an urgent matter so he asks Lorenzo to cut some flowers and go give them to veronica to inform him that he will be home soon. Lorenza did exactly that and e takes them to veronica.
Emiliano meets with Claudia at the canteen and he tells her that he has to try to forget about veronica and start afresh with a different woman like her and so the both shared kisses and Emiliano asks her that by returning his kiss it means she do love him but Claudia tells him that he misunderstood her because though she wants to be with him but not in that manner because he only kissed him just to forget veronica and not that he really is in love with her, but if he is, then they should take things slowly by trying know each other well.
Claudia after hearing from Emiliano that martin had problems with veronica due to his carelessness in drinking, she goes to see martin at the mine to tell him that she will forever be there for him since he is now having problems with his wife. Martin then cautions her not to get false hopes that he is going to ever breakup with veronica because he truly loves her dearly though he failed to admit it at first due to his revenge but he now can say that he loves veronica very much as he has never love any woman before and therefore Claudia should understand that he doesn’t and will never love her but if she continues behaving this way by pestering him, he is going to pay her off and compensate her then get rid of her from his company. Claudia then tells him that if he truly says he love veronica then he shouldn’t doubt her and martin tells her it is none of her business.
Virginia goes to see veronica at mina Escondida but met her absence and since no one was inside and since she is already familiar with the place, memories of Demetrio keeps coming back to him and she begins shedding tears taking a tour into every room and all of a sudden, veronica arrives to question her about why she is there and she tries to fake things up like coming over to visit her and to ask her for her forgiveness and instead of welcoming her she is rather angry with her. Veronica knowing her very well captures her intentions and asks her to cut of the faking because she has her reasons for coming to mina Escondida all because of Emiliano.
Veronica gives her the benefit of the doubt so they begin to chat peacefully as cousins only for Nanciyaga to arrive and seeing Virginia, she looks closely at her and begins panting and crying and saying that she is the bad woman of the other boss and veronica becomes confused. After Nanciyaga run off, veronica brings up the topic on Demetrio and upon several interrogations on Virginia; she discovers that Virginia was the one who has been feeding martin and their family with lies that she dated Demetrio when she (Virginia) was actually the one and though Virginia tries denying. This generate into a huge argument and Nanciyaga starts performing her enchantment to ask Virginia to go away and she achieved just that but veronica becomes so hurt that, she threatens her to stop if not she would have ask martin to kick her out of the house.
Martin arrives and he tries talk to veronica but since she is still in her angry mood, she asks martin not to pretend there is nothing going on because she is fed up with everyone (Claudia, Virginia, Nanciyaga, Emiliano and martin) since she doesn’t even know who to trust because even his husband doesn’t trust her. Martin tries to beg veronica but he becomes so hurt that there is nothing to calm veronica down so she asks a breakup from martin because she will not allow him to walkover her dignity and it comes as a blow to him. Veronica again explains things further to martin that she now knows why he and Emiliano have always doubted her and it is because they fell for the lies Virginia told them about she being Demetrio’s girlfriend therefore she demands that he tells her everything about Demetrio and what Virginia told him since it seems that is the source of his jealousy and martin refuses to give her any explanation because he doesn’t want to remember the past. Veronica still insists that he tells her the truth and all martin continues saying is for her to forgive him for not trusting in her but rather in third parties.

Stay tuned to tonight's Episode of LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE), at 8:00pm!

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