Passion And Power episode 19 what to expect on UTV on Monday 25th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 19 what to expect on UTV on Monday 25th July 2016

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:29 pm

Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
It turns out that Eladio was the brain behind the plan and so, One of this guys, goes to report to Eladio that Erick actually fell for the deal and Eladio says he knew actually that Erick was going to fall for it because he is an idiot and nothing will please him much to tell Arturo that he was actually betrayed by his own son.
Consuelo is now pregnant but yet she still insists that Miguel continues to help her out to know if Erick is cheating on her.
Montserrat tells Aldo she is never going to let Consuelo have Erick because she truly love him so much and wish that she was Mrs. Montenegro and not Consuelo.
Eladio continues to beg Julia to forget about the past and forgive him so things could go the normal way but Julia still stands by her words that she can’t forget that but Eladio warns her to continue doing what she has started but shouldn’t complain when the consequences begins and anxiousness filled Julia’s face.
It seems that, Nina had it all planned with Daniela to say that to the rehab doctor so to get the attention of Arturo staying at home and not fighting with her anymore and she thanks Daniela for helping her solve this bad omen ones and for all between her and Arturo.
Eladio goes over to celebrate with Montserrat but she wanted to have known what kind of celebration it might be but Eladio prefers to spill it after the love making and right after that, he discloses to her that her lover Erick made his day since it turns out that in exchange for money he betrayed his father and he wishes to see his face after discovering that he was behind the supposed great business deal that he supposed have made. Montserrat becomes so downhearted and Eladio tells her she is only but a fool to fall for such an idiot like him.
Arturo discovers that someone gave out confidential info about his great business deal to some people and he confronts Erick if he has any idea about that but he pretends very well but Arturo is now filled with rage to finding the culprit who gave out the info and Erick grows so nervous.
Regina receives a snapshot from one of the press depicting she and David kissing at a restaurant whiles lying on the floor and he tells her to give him an amount if not he is going to publish it on social media and thins truly comes as a big blow to her. Regina calls David to let him know and they agree to meet at Francisco’s house to solve the issue and he asks her to calm down and not give any money to those people.
Erick receives a message that they have deposited the rest of the money into his account and surprising after checking instead of the 50million, he is giving only 50pesos which is equal to GHC 10 and he now realizes how stupid and foolish he’s been.
After Eladio left, Montserrat looks so pissed off with Eladio and as Aldo enters she says to him that she can’t stand Eladio’s touch anymore because he is a monster and she wish him dead but Aldo calms him down and she explains what Eladio this time has done to his lover Erick and this could make her lose every cent from the Montenegros if Arturo disowns him and that means she would have to put up with Eladio forever to survive which what she don’t want.
Erick calls the guys to enquire why he has only 50pesos in his account and he is told that was what Eladio ordered them to give him and he becomes so disappointed for falling into Eladio’s trap.
David and Regina meets at Francisco’s house and he suggests to them that they don’t give them any money and they are able to solve as David answers the press that they are not going to give into their blackmail and therefore they can do whatever they please.
Through Augustin, Arturo gets the information that Eladio was the one who won the great business deal and so he asks Erick to get all the people under him who were involve in the proposal because he is going to interrogate them and never going to rest until he finds the culprit and Erick seems to be in hot soup.

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