Passion And Power episode 12 what to expect on UTV on Monday 11th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 12 what to expect on UTV on Monday 11th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Nina then calls Arturo and he goes to confront him on what Julia said about him and how that woman spoke about him like she knows him very much but Arturo states that he doesn’t know Julia and advised his wife to stop following the game of that woman but she says to Arturo that she deeply hate Julia and therefore Arturo should do everything possible to destroy the Gomez Lunas. Nina angrily leaves and Augustin seeing how angry she looks immediately enters to advise Arturo to forget about Julia and concentrate on his family if not things are actually going to get worse than that. Arturo thinks he has to clear things up with Julia so she wouldn’t think badly of him and Augustin thinks Julia’s opinion should.t even matter to him anymore because there is nothing he can say to convince Julia.
David thinks it will be better to establish a firm for both him and Regina because things are actually moving on well since they truly understand each other in their working together and Regina agrees that could be a great idea.
Clara tearfully discloses to Francisco about Maribel’s situation and how the doctor has condemned her that she will surely die since there is no cure for her headache and Francisco tells Clara to count on him for any help.
Eladio continues to win the heart of his wife each passing day and this time around the surprise is to visit their son in Queretaro since he can see that Julia misses him so much and then from there take a trip to any country of her choice specifically where none of them has been before to spend time together and it sounds as a great news to Julia.
Erick promises Consuelo that his attitude towards her is going to church because he wants her to be happy. Consuelo then pleads with him to go with her to the hospital to get her fertility lab text on her and he accepts unwillingly.
Eladio speaks with an internet expert and he tells him to help him take over the internet with his hotel by making his hotel appear first each time a person browses and make sure to block that of Arturo’s hotel from the internet and the guy accepts and even add more suggestion that he can also make it in such a way that anytime a person even tries to make a reservation in Arturo’s hotel the link will actually take that person into a pornographic site and Eladio thinks that is a superb idea which will be enough to tarnish Arturo’s image but all he wants is just blocking his hotel on the internet.
David and Regina rush to get prepared for the award ceremony that is going to be held for them and it seems they are both too happy since that award is their first time since their inception of becoming an architect and an engineer. They both arrive at the program and after David took his award and sat down, it was now the turn of Regina but unfortunately, Joshua arrives to cause a great commotion and a big embarrassment by kneeling down and bringing out a ring to ask her if she will marry him and Regina pulls him up to stop embarrassing her in public and ignoring him and apologizing to the organizers, she goes to pick her award and Joshua checking the amount on the cheque, he thinks it’s off no use and therefore they can’t lure her with that money to work in Queretaro to keep her away from him so he pulls her leave with him and the humiliation was so severe that David has to rescue Regina from the hands of that swine and this ends up in a deep fight which made the organizers so pissed off putting Regina in a bad mood but David did everything possible to cheer her up.
Eladio and Julia arrives in Queretaro to see David and as Eladio excuses Julia to go make a reservation in the hotel, Julia turns to spot David kissing Regina but knowing how her husband is, she kept it to herself until Regina left before Julia alerted her husband about David and she calls him from behind and he actually wonders what they were doing there and they disclose too him their mission.
David excuses them to do something upstairs and gets back to them and all these was to go ask Regina to go with him to meet his parents so he can introduce her to them but she feels scared and asked David to go alone to be with his parents.
Erick and Consuelo go to the hospital to get the lab text and fortunately for her the text shows that she has no problem of getting pregnant anytime and quickly Erick grows so nervous questioning the Doctor if he is insinuating that he is the one having problem and the doctor recommends some medicine for both so they can take to help them in the situation.
Julia seizes the opportunity to talk to Eladio to give permission to Franco and Gabriela to go study since they love each other very much and Eladio thinks it isn’t a good idea since Franco is his…………. And quickly Julia grows so suspicious asking him to continue to tell who Franco is but smartly enough he beats her very fast to say he meant Franco is his right hand man and doesn’t want to mix business matters with home matter but Julia convinces him to allow the two go out on a study and he agrees finally.
Franco thinks that the way and manner Eladio handles David show that he may not be his son rather Eladio treats him (Franco) as his son but to be sure of it, he hires Marintia to investigate into that very well for him so he will know his stand and also should make sure to handle anything that concerning Gisela.
Whiles having launch, Eladio excuses his family to answer a call and Julia takes the opportunity to ask David about his girlfriend since she saw them kissing and David spills out everything to his mum and Julia tells him that she’s seen her before but can’t remember the exact place and David says they are now studying each other and if it gets a bit serious he is going to introduce her to them. He again asks his mum if she is willing to accept the lady as to who ever she may turn out to be and she answers YES as long as she is a good woman as long as she makes him happy.
Eladio proposes to David that he’s planning on setting up a tourist center and he would love him to be in charge of the project since he is an engineer and David pleads with his father to give him a bit of time to sort some things out and he accepts.
Regina tells Miguel and Consuelo about the unfortunate incidence Joshua came to Queretaro to cause her and they become so surprise. In that same vein, Joshua also arrive in Arturo’s house to inform Daniela about seeing Regina with David in Queretaro and as it seems, he got Regina to fall for him and Daniela suggests that they dive into an investigation to know exactly what those two after doing together.
Eladio tells Franco that he can go study with Gabriela because Julia asked him to do so but he is warning him that if he ever makes Gabriela sad, he would have to answer that to him.
Other matters, Franco alert Eladio that Montserrat is still in town and hasn’t left to Europe as he said and quickly Eladio picks up his phone to leave a message for her that, since she disobeyed him, she should forget about the modeling contract she has with his company.
Montserrat after receiving the message, she goes over to Eladio’s office to explain things to him as to why she hasn’t left town and since Eladio was proving difficult, she goes closer to lure and shower him with some kisses and unfortunately for them, Julia enters to see them almost about to kiss and she grows so nervous and furious.

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