he UNFORGIVABLE episode 108 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 25th May 2016

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he UNFORGIVABLE episode 108 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 25th May 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin and veronica go quickly to inform Magdalena and Botel about the release of Aaron so they can take the needed precautions and Magdalena grows so nervous but veronica and Botel calm her down that Aaron can’t do anything to her.
Veronica excuses martin to go meet Daniel and martin tries insisting on her to disclose to him who she is going to meet with but she still resist but only asks him to trust her but promise to tell him after she returns.
Julio still in his confrontation against pablo for stealing Perla from him but Pablo tells him that that is not the time for saying those things and if indeed he really loves her so much then he should help him find her because she is missing.
Veronica meets with Daniel finally and he shows her the pictures of Virginia’s affair with Demetrio and after taking a look at them she asks him about the recording and Daniel tells her to wait because she si going to hear it from Virginia’s own mouth and should try recording it with her phone since Virginia will be coming over and through their conversation she will record through a wireless recorded phone. Veronica then disbelieve him and says to him that there is no way he can fool her because he can really see that he connived with Virginia to just make a mockery of her but Daniel deceived her that Virginia doesn’t even know that she veronica will be there least to think of listening to their chat. Veronica then grows annoyed and almost was about leaving without giving him a single cent but Daniel again play a part of the video to her and that glued her again to her seat to carry on with whatever plan Daniel has for her to catch Virginia but warns him that if that is a trap he is going to regret it.
Daniel then gives her the wireless earphone to sit somewhere and listen to their conversation. Immediately veronica sot up, Virginia arrived and they chat all of the evil deeds they have committed with veronica sitting far away and recording. Virginia then intentionally excuses Daniel to go to the wash room so quickly Daniel gets ups and walks to veronica and she pays him dearly and warns him never to see her again. After she left, Virginia enters and asks Daniel that they follow her quickly. Immediately veronica comes out to enter her car, the lady who Daniel and Virginia hired just arrive to point a gun at her to enter into the car and unfortunately veronica’s phone falls down without her notice and all this while Aaron was also following to see what actually was going on and a guy from nowhere goes picks up the phone and run away and run away.
Martin and Rebecca goes out on their date and martin seeing that Rebecca seems to be in love with him, he makes it point blank to her that, he is truly in love with his wife and can’t stand cheating on her. Rebecca then answers him that then she also refuses to be a lover and it is a pity that he is married because if not she would have done something to try conquering him but she can’t stand betraying a woman like her especially who is so talented like veronica but she is just being honest. Back to business they she suggests to martin that she would want to build a great house that will serve as the place to exhibits veronica’s collection.
Martin arrives home and yet veronica insist home and Magdalena also becomes very worried since she feels that something bad is happening is going on. Martin tries calling her line but it also doesn’t push through and he also becomes so much disturbed. Martin the calls Emiliano to ask him if veronica has been there but their answer was a NO and that makes them more disturbed.
The lady compels veronica to drive into a bushy area Veronica insists that the lady tells her where they are going but she hits her head with the gun and after she falls unconscious, she exchanged to the driving side and placed veronica on the other side and begins to drive along. All this while Daniel and Virginia was just following them. As the lady drives along, veronica gains consciousness and begins to struggle with her with the steer to stop and tell her where they are going but since the lady refuses, the struggle continues and unfortunately for them, the car summersaults and then explodes.
Arturo proposes marriage to Blankita and because she has brought a lot of happiness in his life and don’t want to lose her.
Joaquin and his family rents an apartment with the money Martin gave them and though the place is small but half a loaf is better than none as they say.
The police arrive at the scene of the accident and after checking, they find out the remains of a lady and a bag containing some documents stating that she is from the Prado Castelo family and also a wife to martin Santelmo so quickly the police send a messenger to martin’s apartment to inform them about the accident and Magdalena becomes depressed whiles Botel and martin grow speechless upon hearing the explosion.

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