Passion And Power episode 12 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 12th July 2016

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Passion And Power episode 12 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 12th July 2016

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Helllooo great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,

Montserrat after receiving the message, she goes over to Eladio’s office to explain things to him as to why she hasn’t left town and since Eladio was proving difficult, she goes closer to lure and shower him with some kisses and unfortunately for them, Julia enters to see them almost about to kiss and she grows so nervous and furious and Montserrat tries lying that Eladio was only comforting her because her mother isn’t well but Julia knowing exactly what she saw just tells Montserrat that she can go ahead to have her husband if that is what she wants since feels disappointed in her husband. Eladio then tries calming Julia down but she walks out on him telling him they are done because everything proves that she doesn’t love her since he isn’t done with having fun with women.
Daniela intentional asks permission from her father to go see Regina at Queretaro to apologize to Regina to make amends and her father Arturo gives her permission without knowing the actual intentions behind her going.
Franco comes to tell Gabriela about his Godfather accepting that they go study and she grows so happy saying that now they do not have to hide to see each other anymore.
Julia angrily packs her things to leave to Queretaro to stay with her son but Eladio comes to her pleading that she should forgive him since everything was a misinterpretation and that nothing should change between them but Julia thinks enough of him fooling her because she’s seen he will never change.
Nina wishes to go to the trip with Daniela but she advises her mum to stay back and rather investigate why her father is not paying attention to her nowadays maybe there will be another woman stealing him and Nina gives heed to it and says to herself she is going to do everything possible to know what exactly is going on with her husband Arturo.
David thinks safety is very important and also she doesn’t want to go anywhere without Regina so she buys a motor bike kits so she can sit behind her wherever they go and Regina looks so happy and as they drove off Daniela also has arrived at the place and calls David but it was too late.
Eladio confronts Montserrat as to why she has to come over to his office to cause a mess to destroy the good relationship he was trying to have with his wife. She tries retaliating but Eladio grows so furious telling her the only thing she is going to be useful for is being a prostitute and nothing else and as he mishandles her, Montserrat asks him to leave her alone because he is carrying his child and Eladio grows shocked. Eladio tells her to get rid of that child or he will die. As he steps out of the room, his bodyguard tells him to let him take care of her in case he would like to kill her and Eladio assures him.
Julia calls Arturo on phone to ask her for another check since the one he gave her got destroyed and as he writes a new one and was just about to go meet with her at the foundation, his wife enters the office to ask him out for launch and he asks her why she has to come over without any call because as it is, he is stepping out for a business launch and therefore excused her by kissing her and left. Nina tries looking through his things to get any evidence but Erick enters and she starts nagging to tell him about the rude attitude of his father but to ease his mother from the sadness, he asks her mother out for dinner.
Daniela tries her best to follow David and Regina to the hotel to cause a scene and Regina upon seeing that thinks that David is still in love with Daniela and asks him to stay with her because Daniela is better than her and Daniela rains all kinds of insults on Regina.
Arturo takes the cheque to Julia and he takes the opportunity to explain things about why they got separated and how he still loves her and this brings back great love memories and she pleads with him not to come see her again because she is married. In that same vein Eladio has arrived at the foundation but luckily Arturo was gone leaving Julia with memories of their love and crying all she can and Eladio tries to comfort her thinking she was crying due to the misunderstanding between them but she asks him to excuse her and she walks out on him.
Francisco gets some items for Maribel’s daughter and Clara thanks him for the kind gesture since it is also going to keep the child so happy.
Arturo tells Augustin that he was able to speak with Julia and that made him so happy and Augustin still thinks that she is getting himself in trouble since he overheard Arturo’s secretary speaking with Nina and it seems she actually wanted to know where exactly the business launch was going on and quickly he grows nervous. Agustin then tells him that thank God Nina asked him about his where about and he has to lie to her that the launch is over and Arturo has gone to a another business meeting. Arturo thanks him but still says to Agustin that Julia still loves him that he can bet and will do everything to speak to her again.

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